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Qin Hong simply dare not think, his heart constantly cursing the younger generation of the Qin family, who do not provoke, you just go to provoke such a terrorist organization. Curse to curse, now is the moment of life and death of the Qin family, Qin Hong even as the first master of the Qin family, the first person under the divine world Tianzun also dare not come in front of the Yanhuang Lou, otherwise the whole Qin family will be annihilated in the divine world and become the history of the divine world. All right, thank you, Brother Dao! Qin Hong said with a respectful salute to the sky in the distance. Tianji saluted Qin Hong's slight jaw, and then took out a piece of jade card to send to Murong Qi. Murong Qi, who was practicing in Hongyun Mountain, was immediately lost in thought after receiving the summons from the elder of Tianji. From the description of the celestial pole, Murong Qi learned that Qin Hong was an absolute genius. As long as such a person could develop in the right direction, his future would be limitless. The time for the catastrophe of heaven and earth was getting closer and closer. What Murong Qi needed now was a large number of powerful people. Qin Hong was only half a foot short of entering the realm of Tianzun. Once subdued, it will become a sword in Murong Qi's hands to deal with those Nine Youyou Warcraft in the future. Thinking of this,Inflatable dry slide, Murong Qi immediately issued an order to Tianji through the messenger. The order had only one sentence: "Talent is rare. Try your best to subdue it. If you really can't, you might as well tell him about the catastrophe of heaven and earth." After receiving Murong Qi's instructions, the Tianji Elder's mouth showed a smile that he was not aware of. He knew in his heart that Murong Qi, the sage king, was afraid of his love for talent. Qin Hong, my Lord has come up with the news. I can promise you your bet,inflatable castle with slide, but the bet has to be changed. The sky said lightly. Brother Dao, please tell me. Qin Hong arched his hand and said. My Lord has said that you and I will gamble. If you win, my Lord will give you ten Hongmeng spirit artifacts, which are what you call ancient artifacts. But if I win, my Lord wants you, and you will become the elder of my Yanhuanglou. Said Tianji with a slight smile. Tianji's words made Qin Hong's face change again and again. He couldn't imagine that the bet was this. He had lived for so many years and had been regarded as the favored son of heaven. Qin Hong also had his backbone. How could he agree to being enslaved? Qin Hong, you are not busy to refuse, you come to my side, I tell you a secret, listen to this secret you are deciding whether to accept this bet. Seeing that Qin Hong had the intention of refusing, Elder Tianji immediately said. Secret Qin Hong looked at the celestial pole doubtfully. But he was also a bold man, and after hesitating for a moment, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, he immediately jumped up and flew towards the Elder of Heaven. Qin Hong, do you know the origin and age of the old man? Looking at Qin Hong flying to his side, Tianji Elder immediately set up a small space, in which the two people talked, even Tianzun could not know. Look at Brother Dao's appearance. He should be about the same age as those Tianzun in the divine world. Qin Hong thought for a moment and said. Ha ha, they? I'm not qualified to lift my shoes. If calculated carefully, the old man should be more than billions of years old, the old man is a figure in ancient times, we at that time are collectively referred to as the ancient hundred clans. The celestial pole said slowly like a memory. Tianji's words, like a nuclear bomb explosion, immediately stunned Qin Hong, yes, he could not come to his senses for a long time. You should know that those ancient characters are only legends in the divine world, even the top masters of the divine world like Qin Hong have never seen them. Tao.. No, senior "Qin Honglian's name changed when he thought that the person standing in front of him was actually a figure in ancient times." There is no need to call the elder. Your strength is not far from me. I don't think you can become the sixth God in the divine world in a million years.
"The celestial pole waved his hand to stop Qin Hong's words:" The reason why I tell you this is that my Lord suddenly learned that there would be a great disaster in heaven and earth after millions of years when he realized heaven and earth some time ago. This disaster is not aimed at any plane or planet, but at our entire universe. Once we can't carry this disaster, Perhaps there will be no living beings in the whole universe, so my Lord will love you. He hopes that you can get a good training environment and play your role in the future. One after another shocking secrets burst out from the mouth of the celestial pole, and these secrets made Qin Hong, who was in a very stable state of mind, look in a trance. What ancient hundred clans, what heaven and earth plunder, these things he Qin Hong has never heard of since the practice, even if some things have heard of, he only thought it was just a legend, did not take it to heart at all. Originally, he thought that as long as he reached the realm of Tianzun, it was already the limit of practice, but he knew that in his eyes, Tianzun was just a joke in front of those real great magical powers. Others and his starting point and pursuit is not the same, while these people are still pursuing their own interests, those great magical powers have begun to rush around for the life and death of the whole universe. Qin Hong, I know you also walk is the way of body cultivation, pay attention to is to break all things with force, fighting is the key to your breakthrough, so you ask and I can promise you a war, but I hope you can consider my Lord's proposal,inflatable floating water park, he wants to accept your purpose is not to enslave you, and hope to be able to gather more experts like you before the coming of the catastrophe. We may be able to win more in the future when we fight against the catastrophe. Brother Dao, did you explain what this great disaster is? Qin Hong thought for a moment and asked.
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