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Not only that, at the repeated invitation of Ding Lao, Gu Ming accepted the invitation of the other party to study the Yang clan. Through the ceremony held at the Yang clan site, she had completely inherited everything of the Yang clan. No matter from what aspect, she did not want the Yang Clan to disappear in the long river of history from the bottom of her heart. If she did not have the ability, Now she has the ability to leave a little more information for the Yang clan in this world, of course, she must make a contribution to the research of the Yang clan, but also to live up to the power that the Yang clan brought to her, as well as the kindness of the large box of gold, silver and jewelry she took away. While helping Ding Lao to study the Yang clan, Gu Ming also selected several representative things of the Yang clan from the large box of gold, silver and jewelry he inherited. It was sent to Ding Lao in an anonymous way, which further facilitated Ding Lao's study of the culture of the Yang clan. In the busy at the same time, Gu Ming also did not forget to go to the hospital every day to report, she is not the kind of silent dedication to do not let others know that they are good. She doesn't falsely claim the good things she doesn't do, and she will never hide the good things she does. Before Qin Tian was unconscious, she and Qin Sheng insisted on coming over, and now Qin Tian woke up. That is can not miss this performance of a good opportunity,x60 line pipe, she did not forget Qin Tian has not formally nodded in agreement with Qin Sheng and her things. Although Qin Tian did not nod, Qin Sheng was determined to marry Gu Ming, but the blessing of the elders is better than no blessing of the elders. Besides, from Qin Tian's illness, she also saw some thoughts in Qin Sheng's heart, not only did she come to the hospital on time every day to report, but also dragged Qin Sheng to come together. At the beginning, Qin Sheng was still a little awkward and reluctant,347 stainless steel, but later he really couldn't twist Gu Ming. I can only come to the hospital with Gu Ming. Qin Tian, who had just been hurt by Qin Huai, did not say anything, but in his heart he was satisfied with the actions of Qin Sheng and Gu Ming. Perhaps because of guilt, Qin Tian's attitude in the face of Gu Ming and Qin Sheng was much better than before, especially when he treated Gu Ming. That kind of obviously relaxed attitude is really surprising. On this day, Qin Tian, who was lying idle and bored in his hospital bed, watched the news on the Internet with his tablet computer. When he saw the hottest topic about the Yang clan on the Internet recently, he couldn't help but pay more attention to it. Seeing that Gu Ming had identified a rare treasure and made outstanding contributions to the study of the Yang clan, and had received attention and praise from all walks of life, Qin Tian's mouth could not help bending slightly upward, and his heart was filled with a kind of pride that even he himself could not say clearly. Chief Qin, uns s31803 sheet ,x56 line pipe, it's time for soup. Gu Ming walked into the ward with the soup that Qin's mother had cooked specially for Qin Tian. Qin Tian heard Gu Ming's voice. Subconsciously, he turned off the web page about Gu Ming's report that he had opened before. Unexpectedly, he didn't pay attention to it when he looked at it before. Now, when he closed it, he found that all the information displayed on his tablet computer was Gu Ming's information. Chief Qin is in good spirits today! Gu Ming took a slightly confused glance at Qin Tian, who tried to pretend to be calm after closing the web page. Uh Qin Tian gave a small answer, which was a response. This is also one of the progress that Gu Ming persevered in reporting to the hospital every day, if in the past, Qin Tian did not face Gu Ming's nose and eyes. How can you stay in a room with Gu Ming so calmly. As usual, Gu Ming came with Qin Sheng, but today only Gu Ming came alone with the soup. Qin Tian was not quite adapted to it, and his eyes were uncontrollably looking at the door frequently. My aunt just told Qin Sheng to deal with one thing. Qin Sheng was busy today, so I came alone. Gu Ming noticed Qin Tian's little action and did not expose it, but opened his mouth with great understanding. Qin Tian took a look at the smiling Gu Ming, obediently took the soup handed over by the other side, snorted, in the end or did not say anything. For Qin Tian such a reaction, Gu Ming also did not care at all, looking at Qin Tian after drinking the soup began to busy before and after the help to organize things, by the way Qin mother let her bring Qin Tian need to use things are also set up one by one, full of filial piety granddaughter-in-law look.
This heart is meat long, who is good to oneself, who is not good to oneself that is the eyes can see, Qin Tian of course know Gu Ming this is thinking of Fang Er to please themselves, but even if clearly know this, Qin Tian also has no way to deny to see Gu Ming every day on time dragging Qin Sheng to report here, but also very diligent before and after the busy kind of extremely pleasing to the eye. Even his old acquaintance, Dr. Peng, had praised Gu Ming more than once in front of him, until Qin Sheng found him a good granddaughter-in-law. As another granddaughter-in-law, Yueqing naturally came to visit him, but his anger towards Qinhuai remained in his heart, and even if he did not vent his anger on Yueqing, his face was certainly not much better. In line with the principle of not washing one's dirty linen in public, Qin Huai forged the will of those broken things Qin family did not say out, but as Qin Huai's fiancee, Yueqing or know some inside information, so even if very want to help Qin Huai save some image in front of Qin Tian, can look at Qin Tian do not want to see her appearance. Also can only be full of envy to see Gu Ming one eye, and then dejectedly left. Before Qin Tian would oppose Gu Ming, in addition to the beginning because of Qin Huai and Gu Ming's misunderstanding, more is that Gu Ming's identity as an ordinary person is not worthy of his own grandson. It's just that today is different from the past, and we should treat each other with new eyes for three days. Gu Ming is not the little appraiser who was unknown at the beginning. Now Gu Ming is in the limelight. At her age, no one at home or abroad can match her achievements. With the escort of Xue Lao and others,316ti stainless steel, the future is bright. It is only a matter of time before she becomes the youngest master of appraisal. In fact, many people have already called Gu Ming a master in the reports he read just now. It is also a recognition of her strength. What's more. Qin Tian's line of sight involuntarily fell on the jade bracelet worn by Gu Ming's two hands, but he clearly remembered the incredible scene that happened at the anniversary party in the dormitory.
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