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Huo's mother was the only one in the ward, and Huo's father was not there. ……” She's a little helpless, really. The relationship between Huo Ming and the Huo family is not very good. Although her mother has been showing goodwill, it has no practical effect, which proves that Huo Ming doesn't want to get along well with her at all. Mom, you go back first, and I'll watch him. "You go back with me." Huo Ming suddenly turned his head sideways and looked at her neither salty nor light. ……” "Mom, go back and rest." An Qing was too lazy to pay attention to Huo Ming, so she took Huo's mother's arm and walked out. But- "she was obviously hesitant." It's all right. Huo Ming sneers at the scene in front of him, only feeling eye-catching tight, fingers tightly clasped the quilt, eyes fierce. After seeing Huo's mother off, Anqing's face returned to coldness and she returned to the ward and stood there looking down at him. What's the matter? The tone was as if Anqing owed him money. She smiled. Clasping his hands against the bedside, he said, "Your hands and arms are useless after a hundred days of injury. It is estimated that you will not be able to move in one or two months." Huo Ming glanced at her and turned his face sideways with a cold snort. "What does it have to do with you?". Mind your own business. "I hear you have a little girlfriend?" This matter is also an Qing just heard, from the mouth of a few of his good friends heard, it is said that the girl's phone is almost crazy. Young boys and girls of this age are not generally crazy. Divided. Huo Ming answered neither salty nor light, then pulled the quilt down and covered his face,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, "You go out, I want to sleep." "Shouldn't you talk to me about this? You have a rest. You eat and drink well. It doesn't make sense. I help you deal with the mess, but I don't know anything about it." There was a "splash". Huo Ming suddenly lifted the quilt and sat up, frowning and staring at Anqing. "What did you say?" An Qing smiled and sat down, "or what do you think?" "Do you think Dad would let you go so easily if I told him clearly?" Huo Ming's face stagnated and he frowned and thought of something. The day before yesterday, when Huo's father came to see him, he did not mention anything about the school. At that time,gear reduction motor, he felt strange, thinking that he was finally too lazy to care about him, wasn't he? "If I hadn't put shit in your pocket, you'd think you'd wipe your ass clean." An Qing's words were so vulgar that Huo Ming blushed. "Grass, do I beg you?"? Who told you to mind your own business? 1545, the villain is little fresh meat. Huo Ming's face changed quickly when he was in a hurry to get angry. Perhaps I have been used to being independent for so long, and I never think about other people's feelings when I speak, and naturally I don't think about what I don't have when I speak. At that time, Anqing's eyes twitched, but she did not get angry, just squinted at him. Because of his words, the ward fell silent again. What's the matter Huo Ming raised his eyebrows and looked at her. ……” An Qing stared at the other side for a while, and when he saw that he had no intention of softening his attitude, Micro Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, he could not help weakening his tone. Oh, I guess I'm sticking my nose in. Huo Ming glanced at her and said nothing. She stood up and picked up her bag. "I'll go back first. You can solve your problems by yourself." Huo Ming: "…" He didn't want her to help solve it from the beginning. Looking at each other's fierce back, Huo Ming had a strange feeling of guilt in his heart, but after thinking about it, it was smooth again. He and she keep the original parallel line relationship, well water does not interfere with river water, no one can hinder the other. With a long sigh, he lay on the bed and looked at the snow-white ceiling thoughtfully. After an Qing did not go to Huo Ming's ward, she generally did what she said, not to intervene in Huo Ming's affairs is not to intervene. The people outside the school made trouble at home, she just looked at him coldly, Huo's father was so angry that he went to the hospital many times before and after. As for how Huo Ming was, she didn't know, because she hadn't seen him for a long time. After about half a month or so, she came home from work in the evening, but saw Huo Ming again at home. Slightly stupefied, she did not react, and then came to her senses, oh, it is estimated that she was discharged from the hospital. At that time, the boy seemed to have grown taller, but he was still so thin.
It can only be said that high school boys are in the development period, even if the food is not good enough, they can not stop the pace of growth. He had a schoolbag in one hand and a plaster cast on one arm. There seemed to be nothing wrong with his leg. It didn't seem to be very serious. Just a slight glance, "back." After a faint answer, Anqing skipped the living room in her slippers and went to the kitchen with a cup of water. What to eat tomorrow morning, miss? The hourly worker's aunt looked at her and smiled. All right, you ask Huo Ming, he is more picky, when the time comes to satisfy him in the morning. "What do you mean?" Huo Ming happened to hear that he was carrying his schoolbag and throwing it on the dining table, full of the feeling of Uncle Ten. An Qing frowned at first, but soon she subconsciously ignored his behavior. After pouring a glass of water, he turned around and went back to his room. Huo Ming leaned lazily on the soft sofa. But my mind echoed with the things that several parents had gone to the hospital before, which was really a big head at that time. Later think, when an Qing said to help him stop these things, is it true? The week he was admitted to the hospital was almost as calm as stagnant water, and nothing happened, but after a dispute with Anqing that day, things exploded like a gusher. The most chaotic half month he's ever had. Huo's father finally settled the matter with money, but the price was that his credit card was frozen and his motorcycle was sold, which meant that he was penniless and could not stay in a hotel. 1546,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the villain is little fresh meat. “……” Bored to death. Huo Ming rubbed his hair, and the whole person was as decadent and half-paralyzed as a rooster with fried hair. Young master, bath water. "No." 。 ichgearmotor.com
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