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But soon there was a great God to prove that the video had not been edited. This is Lin Yu's fans can not say the words of protection, the video of Lin Yu looks like deliberately torturing people, making some low-level mistakes like NG. In addition, the marketing number that Alan was looking for also came on the stage with a wave of Xie Lin's innocent rhythm, which finally brought the public opinion under control. That's it. Xie Lin did not want to return to Lin Yu, not that he was not angry, but that it was meaningless. Just like when two people quarrel, whether they win or lose, there is nothing positive left except anger and negative emotions. They were not going to pursue it, and Alan stopped. Xie Lin wanted to comfort his fans. After asking Alan, he sent a micro-blog and randomly drew 30 prizes. The prize was his personal signature photo. Photos, not yet taken. Originally, he wanted to send a sour radish to start a business with Du yuan, but Ailan stopped him. Not to mention how happy the fans are. In turn, Lin Yu, who was caught in a disadvantageous position, was scolded by his own agent. The original temper is not very good, this time looking at the online abuse, there is no movement, but in the mouth with a sneer. The broker accidentally saw his expression, and his heart suddenly missed a beat. Lin Yu, did you do anything else? Don't forget who Xie Lin is leaning against now. He is no longer the poor boy who can be bullied at will. The Tang family can make you stay in the circle with their fingers. Lin Yu heard this very harshly, but he didn't say anything. When the economic man saw him like this,liquid bottle filling machine, he also knew that it was useless to persuade him. He was just an economic man, not his mother. What else could he do? He couldn't stop people from dying. When the agent left, Lin Yu took out his cell phone and brushed it again. And Xie Lin, one day under the strange eyes of his classmates, even if no one came forward to sneer, or question what, just doubt, guess, but also make people uncomfortable. Du yuan,PET blow moulding machine, who sat with him, was restless all day like a hemorrhoid attack. At the end of school, everyone looked at him differently, full of sympathy, and some people felt guilty about believing the false news on the Internet, and saw him smile subconsciously. Sure enough, the entertainment industry is not the average person can stay ah, a hell, a heaven. Du yuan, a bystander, sighed deeply. Xie Lin just smiled, where did he go, this is heaven and hell? This little incident was nothing compared to when he knew his mother had lost five million. When he came home in the evening, he cooked two big dishes in a good mood. He has income in the variety show. Steamed small blue dragon with minced garlic, fried prawns, and a milk cabbage seafood soup. When Tang Yunian returned home after a busy day, plastic bottle making machine ,water filling machine, he was worried that people would be unhappy because of things on the Internet, but he did not expect any impact, and the words of comfort he had prepared along the way were useless. Looking at people serving rice and dishes, busy, Tang Yunian stood at the door of the kitchen, a little entranced. He has forgotten, from the beginning of acquaintance, to the present, this person is not a flower planted in the greenhouse, he is a wild orchid in the wilderness valley, slender and elegant, can experience wind and rain, proudly blooming. Official announcement The dinner was calm, and there was no difference from the past. After dinner, Xie Lin refused Tang Yunian's help, cleaned up the kitchen very efficiently, and then went back to read. This spirit of hard work makes Tang Yunian feel that he seems to be a little too leisurely as a boss. Bitter, or the student party bitter. Just this is destined to be an irritable day, Xie Lin's book has not finished reading, Alan's phone call came again. Xie Lin, something has happened. You can have a look on the Internet. I'll go to you now and discuss how to solve it. What happened again? Xie Lin did not feel that there was anything big, and it was worth Alan coming to him at night to discuss a solution. Although he thought so in his heart, he still answered, hung up his cell phone, and turned to look at Weibo. Without waiting for him to open the software, Si Tian's phone also called. Xiao Lin, we have an affair, ha! Xie Lin:.. Sister, is this the time to laugh? Is that something to laugh about? No way, he turned on the speakerphone, opened the software, and went to watch the news.
Si Tian still doesn't think so: "It's nothing. We are brother and sister in the play, and we are friends outside the play. The man is unmarried and the woman is not married. Standing together is more pleasing to the eye. It's all right to fire a CP. If you don't want to fire a CP, we'll clarify it." Sure enough, he and Si Tian's "love exposure" are on the home page, thanks to the network drama is being broadcast, the two even have a little attention. Xie Lin casually clicked on the text of the marketing number with the most comments on the top. Online drama "rivers and lakes ah" female number two actress Si Tian and fellow crew vegetarian newcomer Xie Lin, suspected love exposure. With a picture of Jiugongge. The middle C is a Gif, which is obviously the corridor of the hotel. Si Tian knocked on Xie Lin's door. As soon as Xie Lin opened the door, Si Tian quickly got into the room. This quick movement, the gesture of stealing, to say that it is a bit unreasonable to jump out of the door. The other eight pictures are the analysis of this Gif. As soon as Xie Lin thought about it, he thought about when it happened. It was the first time he cooked for Tang Yunian. When Tang Yunian left, he asked Li Dongjie to send him a mobile phone. Si Tian saw it and knocked on his door to gossip about it. Someone was taking pictures of them at that time? Xie Lin thought about it without impression, and studied that angle, which seems to be the monitoring angle of the hotel corridor? Pulled up the comments below, and the top one was not very friendly and confused. Where did the eighteen lines come from? Why don't I know any of them? There are hundreds of comments and replies, which seem to be the same doubts. Xie Lin turned down again, basically not asking who they were, or saying whether they were bored or not, exposing the little star's love all day long,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and did not want to pay attention to it at all. Neither of them has any fans, so there is no such thing as stepping back from fans. In this way, the matter does not seem to be very serious. gzxilinear.com
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