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Jia's mother sighed: "So, with the support of most of the clansmen, the elders did something very reprehensible in order to pass on the pure blood of that clan." Jia's mother seemed to be unable to bear it when she said this. Add 3 heart to think: Say casually, you say what I can bear, really! Father Jia coughed, "The method used by the elders is to keep a few people in each generation. They are not allowed to mix with other races. They are forced to marry each other and give birth to new pure blood before they are allowed to marry separately.". When this method was first implemented, the people were very supportive because of the sense of mission and the belief that they did not want to lose their roots, but later.. "So my parents didn't give birth to me because they liked each other or married each other, but because they wanted to keep the pureblood in the clan, right?" This method is really bad, over time, even if no one else catches, the purebred will eventually become less and less. Jia's mother pinched his toes and said, "You don't have to be too sad. For such a long time, almost all the pure blood we know comes from this way.". In fact, your great-grandfather is also your father's grandfather,ultrasonic molten metal, and your great-grandmother is my grandmother. Add three big mouths: What is this a blood relationship? The mother looked at her son's dull appearance and burst out laughing: "Your great-grandfather and great-grandmother married each other after they gave birth to your grandfather.". Our family can bring you back and raise you because of this relationship. You and I, as well as your father, are all related by blood. Add 3 a bit small doubt: "Since purebred is so precious, why can you give others to adopt-raise?"? Besides, why did our family leave the clan? Does the clan allow this? Add a father to sigh: "You ask the point.". As far as I know, not all purebred biological parents are willing to raise their children. On the contrary,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, some of them even hate their children because they are forced to marry. "Cough!" Jia's mother stared at Jia's father. Add father to point to add 3: "Do you see your son in that way, like the appearance that can get blow?" Add three bared teeth. Add mother: "… …" "Sometimes the elders will adopt a child, but maybe the elders have limited energy and there are not many children they can raise," he added. If the biological parents are not willing to have a child, and the elders do not have the energy to raise a good child, if a certain family is willing to raise a child, with the consent of the elders, they can take it away. As for why we don't live with our people. Add a mother: "Because our one was betrayed.". Someone found out that we had a relationship with that clan, and kept several pure races. Those people came up and forced the elders to hand over the pure races. In order to protect the pure races and the clansmen, the elders let everyone separate and flee again. Is it because of those people that Abba is paralyzed? And Grandpa. There was a fierce light in Garsan's eyes. It's not them. We fled so quickly, and because we were far away from the gathering place, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and because your grandmother was smart enough to dye your hair, the people who attacked the tribe didn't notice us at all. Your father will be paralyzed, and your grandfather will leave so early, which is another thing. Jia's mother doesn't seem to want to mention it. Add father says directly: "This thing is not your child can be in charge of, if you really want to give your father, give your grandfather revenge, also must wait for you to become magician later.". Don't ask us who our enemies are. We'd rather you don't know anything and be friends with each other than stare at each other with hatred. I can only tell you that the other side is stronger than you can imagine! Moreover, the discovery and pursuit of the clan are also related to each other. Seeing that they really didn't want to say anything, Jia San didn't ask any more questions. He changed his tune and said, "So there are still a lot of people in the world who know about the existence of that clan and are still chasing that clan of pure blood?" It's not a lot of people, it's just a handful of people. It is said that the value of getting a pure blood is very high, and it is impossible for a small group of people to spread the news in order to protect their own interests. Jia's father thought a lot, and finally revealed one thing to his son: "If you see a business group or person with such a sign in the future, you must stay away from them, let alone let them know your true blood.".
” Father Jia drew a very simple figure on the quilt with his finger, a triangle against a circle, and a vertical eye pupil inside the circle. Plus three wrote down the figure and looked out of the window. "What's the matter?" Asked her mother alertly. Gassan frowned. "Just now, I saw Cliff, the famous ruffian in the village." Jia's father's face sank. He thought the other party was looking for Jia's mother. Her mother reassured her husband and son. "Leave him alone. If he comes, I'll send him away." Her father, in turn, comforted her by saying, "Bear with us until we follow Master Hud to the vicinity of his father's castle, and when we have land, none of this will happen again." Garzo didn't feel like Cliff was looking for his mother, and he even tried to hide his body. Look! He climbed up the big tree over there. The position of the big tree can clearly see his family coming in and out. Cliff went from showing his figure to climbing up the tree to hide himself, so fast that if he hadn't been staring outside, he wouldn't have been able to find it. What does Cliff want? A few days ago, a batch of new vegetable seeds were planted in the vegetable garden, and it was not long before the seedlings emerged. Saner, there is no food at home. I will go out to look for wild vegetables later. If you have nothing to do in the afternoon, pound the bag of wheat grains at home into flour. "Grandma, I'll go, and the wheat flour will be mashed when I come back." Jia San put down the firewood and picked up the basket hanging on the wall and the small hoe made of stones. Grandma Jia went into the room and put away the thick bowl and grabbed the basket and hoe from her grandson's hand. "All right, Grandma is not too old to move. You go to Dongpo to be caught by those leather boys and make a scene again. I'll be back soon.". Remember, don't blow the bran out of the mill! Grandma Jia also planned to go out later and use the few coppers at home to see if she could exchange a piece of meat with the people in the village who were easy to talk to, so as to celebrate that her grandson was tested to have the talent of a magician. Free novel,sonicator homogenizer, no popup novel network, txt download, please remember the ant reading network 121. A little trick of adding three 。
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