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"Li'er, remember the name of the enemy and never forget it." The sound faded away, and the fire devoured the evil spirits, devoured the people, and devoured the night. The pain, the grief, the endless hatred filled the chest, as if it was about to explode. Elder sister! Elder sister! Wake up! Who's this? How can this sound be so nice? Elder sister Bai Li suddenly opened his eyes, breathing heavily, and broke out in a cold sweat. It took him a long time to focus his eyes. Shen San knelt beside the bed and touched her forehead worriedly. "Sister, are you dreaming again?" Bai Li squinted, the surroundings were peaceful, there was a faint fragrance in the room, her undulating chest finally gradually calmed down, and breathed a sigh of relief, "It's all right." Bai Li gently pushed Shen San's hand away and sat up on the bed. My sister hasn't been like this for a long time, and she must have been worrying too much in recent days. Shen San half squatted and took a pillow to cushion Bai Li's waist. Bai Li rubbed his temples, closed his eyes, and said lightly, "Go and get some hot water. You can come in after I take a bath." She had a headache. She hadn't had this dream for a long time. Every time she woke up, it was like a nightmare. After Shen San left, the back of Bai Li's head gently bumped against the pillar, as if he could completely recover from that dream. After bathing, Shen San was waiting for Bai Li to dress up. Girl,Stone Honeycomb Panel, are you ready? Do you need a servant girl to come in and wait on you? Mother Qu's shrill voice sounded outside the door. No need! Shen San faced the door and said fiercely. Today he was dressed in the clothes of a boy, and his clothes were simple, trying to hide the handsome look between his eyes, but in any case, when he looked carefully, he could not hide his different temperament from ordinary people. All right, all right, girl, the frame is ready and ready to go at any time! Qu's mother didn't take Shen San's attitude to heart. After all,Agate Stone Price, Shen Sanlang had this attitude towards her all the year round. She used to feel unhappy, but now Bai Li is popular, so she doesn't care about it. What's the hurry? It's so urgent. She can go by herself if she has the ability. Shen San took the box of copper Dai and put it beside Bai Li with a straight face. Early in the morning, don't be unhappy. Although you don't like Qu's mother, you won't be unhappy when she speaks. Bai Li was just thrush. He picked it up and looked at it. Then he put it back. "Come with the snails." Shen Sanyi was startled and hurriedly said, "Sister, why?"! Don't you go to Ruiwangfu? Where do they deserve to see! There are so few snails that my sister will run out when she runs out. Bai Li drew flowers in front of the mirror and hooked his lips lightly. "Don't talk nonsense. That's the King of Rui.". But I'm not for him. I'm just happy today. Shen Sanshumei, this just goes to look for that snail Dai, "elder sister draws far mountain Dai, good-looking." Bai Li looked at the mirror and looked at it carefully. "Well, Sanlang, come and draw for me." One side of Shen San shoulders a shake, slightly stunned, and then livid, as if hit by a heavy blow, suddenly rushed to Bai Li, "sister!"! Don't call Sanlang! Bai Li hesitated, Grey Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, frowned and said, "Why, all the other girls can scream, but when it's my turn, I can't?" Shen San shook his head like a drum. "No, it's because all my sisters call me that. I don't want my sister to be like them.". "This Sanlang was originally called intimately, but when he heard them call too much, he could not help feeling mediocre and full of powder." He bent over Bai Li's lap. Bai Li's red lips were slightly pursed, and he looked at him coldly. He picked up the pen beside him in one hand and tapped his forehead gently. "Things are fine." Shen San smiled and touched his head. "Sister, I told you my name." As he spoke, he got up, picked up the stool beside him and sat down to draw his eyebrows. Bai Li turned sideways and let him draw, saying lightly, "I forgot." Then I'll tell my sister again that Xiaosheng's surname is Shen and his given name is Youqing. Can my sister call me Youqing? Shen San blushed slightly. Under a starry night, Bai Li, dressed in a pink skirt, held the gate of the courtyard slightly, and then turned to look at the young man behind him, "dare to ask Mr. Shen's name?" There seemed to be a sea of stars in the young man's eyes, revealing his warm smile like the spring breeze. "Xiaosheng, Youqing." The breeze blew his forelock like yesterday, like a dream. Bai Li lowered his eyes and said in a cold voice, "Shen San.".
” Shen San: ".." "Sister!" "Shut up!" "Oh.. Sister, look ! Does my painting look good? In the mirror, Bai Li's forehead was dotted with flowers, his lips were red, and the distant mountain Dai seemed to be mixed in the misty rain. "It looks good." When you're dressed, it's getting late. Bai Li could not be helped by others. He lifted his skirt and walked, followed by Shen San, who held the harp in his arms and listened to Qu's mother's instructions all the way. When he arrived at the carriage, Bai Li saluted and bowed into the carriage. The carriage was unstable and bumpy, and the inside of the carriage was filled with a faint fragrance. I don't know what I thought of. Bai Li's lips rose slightly, and his fingertips gently raised the curtain of the window. "You Qing, don't drop the piano." Shen San muttered, and then his eyes lit up. He hugged the harp more tightly and said happily, "Hey!"! I can't fall! I can't let it fall even if I fall! Ruiwangfu Ruiwang Mansion is located in the east of the city, and the house is granted by the emperor, which can be said to be the largest and most luxurious house in the capital. There are two stone lions in front of the gate, and the gate is unique, with three gold-plated characters "Ruiwangfu" written on it. The first half is a magnificent mansion, and the second half is a deep and beautiful garden. The buildings in the mansion are all solemn and solemn, with bright corridors and ridges, imposing and imposing. Several eaves are hung with small wind chimes with amorous feelings. When the breeze blows, they are clear and crisp. At the gate of the palace, the steward greeted the guests. Countless officials of the court stepped into the palace one after another. King Rui was surrounded by people. When it comes to King Rui, everyone in the capital knows that he is the most favored son in front of the emperor today. Bai Li followed the maid in the mansion and walked leisurely to the front hall, where a banquet table was set up. The servants were busy up and down, and the room was full of broken footsteps. There are many people here today, so be careful. A woman dressed in a beautiful green lotus dress, dressed gracefully, stood in the front hall and watched. When she saw Bai Li, she walked slowly over. Bai Li saluted her, bowed his head and said respectfully,White Marble Mosaic, "Little girl, Bai Li, how are you?" 。 forustone.com
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