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When Tong Yao came back from the office to hand in her homework, Lin Yuzhou bumped Tong Yao's arm with his elbow, "Hey, tomorrow's PE class, I'll teach you how to play basketball." Tong Yao glanced at him in a confused way, not understanding what medicine he was selling. Lin Yuzhou smiled and tried to make himself look natural. "You have to combine work with rest. You are always buried in the sea of questions and your brain is going to explode." "I'm not bragging. I'm the best basketball player in the school." He strongly recommended that he looked like a wechat merchant selling products. Tong Yao twitched the corners of her mouth and looked at him with an expressionless face: "Oh, are you playing again?" “……” No. You're not fat. It is too late to mend. He can only find a new way to take you. You are really not fat. But can he say it? It's killing me to say it. No, I'm just thinking about PE class anyway. Every time you hide in the corner and read quietly in PE class, it's not good. You have to make your high school life colorful. He gave a high-sounding reason. Tong Yao blinked, and his clear eyes reflected his face, as if he could see through him. Lin Yizhou swallowed his saliva and touched the bridge of his nose uncomfortably. Good a long time, Tong Yao accepted his view, nod agree: "also go." The next day, PE class is the first one in the afternoon. Since the morning, the sky has been overcast, there is no sun, and the north wind outside is more rampant. Before the end of the class at noon, Tong Yao had the intention to quit. Seeing this,outdoor ficus tree, Lin Yizhou immediately persuaded him: "Play ball to warm up." He picked up the basketball and pinned it to his waist, rubbing his hands, ready to leave the classroom at any time. Tong Yao stared at him without blinking. What he said was also reasonable. Standing and sitting in the playground would only make it colder. She pursed her lips and answered, "Yes.". As soon as the voice fell, the bell rang. There was no movement in the classroom. Lin Jiayan fell down and closed his eyes as soon as the bell rang. Lin Qian was tinkering with her cell phone and didn't know what she was doing. In the back row, the stool fell to the ground with a "bang". Lin Yizhou was too lazy to help it up. He clenched Tong Yao's wrist and ran out with her for the first time. Hey, hey,silk ficus tree, hey. Tong Yao kept patting his arm, "you don't wait for Lin Qian and Lin Jiayan." Lin Yizhou: "Go to occupy the court first." There are a lot of physical education classes in this class today, so it's really impossible not to go ahead and occupy the court. Tong Yao had to compromise, she did not even have time to tell Lin Qian them, forget it, anyway, they will come to the playground later. After the noon self-study, there was only a five-minute break before the first class. When Lin Yizhou arrived at the basketball court, he loosened Tong Yao's wrist and clapped the basketball on the ground twice. Then he jumped up and threw the ball. The basketball turned twice along the edge of the basket before the goal was scored. Lin Yizhou landed steadily, raised his chin high, turned up the corners of his mouth, and showed off: "How's it going?"? Is my brother handsome? Tong Yao did not answer, she lifted her eyelids, artificial plant wall panels ,large ficus tree, some speechless. Lin Yizhou didn't care either. He ran to take the basketball that hit the ground and jumped up. Then he waved to Tong Yao, "Come here, I'll teach you how to play." Except for the canteen and the teaching building, the students passed by one after another. There was hardly anyone else on the playground. Tong Yao dribbled the ball a few times according to Lin Yizhou's meaning. When preparing to shoot, Lin stood behind her, holding her arm and correcting her standard movements. His thin breath fell on her ear, light and itchy. Tong Yao subconsciously slanted his head, and the next second, he was pressed back by Lin Yizhou, "eyes looking at the basket." The words fell and the ball slipped out. I didn't exert myself, and I didn't even reach half of the basket. Accompanied by the sound of basketball landing, the bell rang. In addition to the two of them, or no one on the playground, did not see other classes of students to come to physical education class, even if their own class of students are not seen half a figure. After the bell rang, the campus quieted down in an instant. The howling wind swayed the bare branches. After a while, I heard the uniform "Hello Teacher" coming from the teaching building. Tong Yao blinked and looked at Lin Yizhou in puzzlement. Lin Yizhou scratched his head and looked puzzled. He frowned and looked up at the dark clouds overhead. "It's not raining either." If it doesn't rain, you can come to the playground in PE class. Lin Yizhou quickly adjusted to come over, "what the hell, we continue.".
” “……” Tong Yao felt a little uneasy. At that time, in the classroom of International Class 4. Lao Hu stood in front of the desk on the platform: "Today is my class. You all know very well that the physical education class will be divided up by the teachers of all subjects after the physical test." The students at the bottom wailed. Of course, the PE teacher reminded me in the PE class last week. Old Hu smiled and pushed his eyes, his eyes swept in the class, swept to the back of the fourth row, and his smile suddenly disappeared. His tone was not particularly good, and he was faintly angry: "Where are Lin Yizhou and Tong Yao?" Chapter 75 075 Lao Hu was really angry this time. With a sullen face, he threw the textbook handout on the desk with a bang. In the month of the final exam, it is Cang Hua's tradition to stop sports, art, music and other classes. Tong Yao is a new transfer student. It's understandable that she doesn't know, but this Lin Yizhou, Lao Hu doesn't believe that Lin Yizhou, this little bastard, is not clear! "There is still a semester to go, and you have to understand what you are doing in school." The classroom was so silent that no one dared to speak. Lin Qian quietly piled up the books high, blocking the head teacher's line of sight. There was a hole in the middle of the piled books, just enough for a mobile phone. She craned her neck and looked at the angry head teacher. Then she slowly lay down on the table, carefully entered the WeChat, and secretly tipped off her father. Dad, where have you been? Class has begun. Hello? Click, send. Immediately,large artificial blossom trees, "Ding" a crisp sound. It was obviously the prompt tone of the message entering the mobile phone, which was particularly harsh in the quiet classroom. Lin Qian: ".." Lao Hu's face is darker. The flowing air seemed to suddenly stagnate, so suffocating that the students below gasped.
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