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Time and space demon _ wandering toad _ txt novel paradise

But just now all the black dragons of the underworld disappeared How could Camberto not be annoyed When the East learned of this he did not stop for a moment and went straight back Originally the plan of the three masters to assassinate Fang Linkong was cancelled King Dassin stood behind Camberto looking leisurely but secretly surprised He has seen the power of the Black Dragon of Hades If he fights alone he is confident that he can slay the dragon successfully If he is manipulated by Camberto he will surely end up in hatred Now all of them have been Detergent Chemicals plundered and this man's strength must be much greater than his Capturing the Black Dragon of Hades alive is much more difficult than killing it Although King Dassin doesn't know how many such powerful creatures the True Fire God Sect has in his estimation there should be at least three or five or seven If so the enemy can only be described as terrible Just as King Dassin was thinking Camberto somehow had another phone in his hand After answering it Camberto handed it to King Dassin and said slowly "Your 37 golden imperial concubines were all imprisoned by a monster named Moby Dick of the International Demon Federation" It is said that in five hours he swept through seven underground arenas wounded many people and took all your belongings Is currently holding a streaking convention in the Pacific If you go late 37 green hats go up together how spectacular it is Before Camberto had finished speaking King Dassin's face had changed color and in less than half a second King Dassin had disappeared into the room and there was a shrill roar of the atmosphere in midair Camberto maintained the posture of answering the phone and said with a slight sneer "Fang Linkong!"! You have balls I can pick the headquarters of the True Fire God Sect and sweep the face of King Dassin The value of those two losers is really no more than that of the Black Dragon and the Golden Imperial Concubine However the final winner of this battle is still unknown Chen Mingbin and Ma Jingjie were in the endless darkness and the flames passed by them one by one and the burning flesh was black and painful Two people also do not know how long to wail this just slowly felt the law the induction in the dark air current avoids the inflammation current which rushes to come Under their feet it seems that they are not stepping on the earth but on the plane supported by a strange force Just when they were helpless a group of light like a new star swept all the darkness and blossomed not far from them Eyes were stimulated to open Ma Jingjie and Chen Mingbin waiting for a long time to adapt to the change of light to see a person standing in the void in the infinite light Www XiaoshUotxt COm The Great Sage of Qian Kun for the First Time Wen Yi is going crazy these days Fang Lin Kong disappeared he and Huang Yunfeng found all the help that can be contacted wantonly looking for the whereabouts of Dongfang Yimu and Sideke want to save Chen Mingbin and Ma Jingjie but nothing In this northeast city the three masters China Chemicals Wen Zhongda Li Bing and Erna Zhuoma have all gone out but the two kidnappers are like disappearing from the world without any trace Zhang 28's reconnaissance network did not play the slightest role Fang Linkong did not rush back until school was about to start Wen Yi had already been put on the northbound train by his family If he does not report I am afraid to be expelled from school such a thing Wen Yi's parents can not agree Wen Yi also know that even if he intervenes with his ability to help not much can only leave a message to Fang Linkong let him find Chen Mingbin and Ma Jingjie Fang Linkong was surprised to learn that two friends had been kidnapped With the help of Shi Qingyuan he stepped into the extreme and did not care much about the monsters or practitioners on the earth He usually left a divine consciousness in the parents Ding Qingya side as long as the slightest sign of trouble he can immediately know Wen Yi and the three of them although Fang Linkong also has the means to pay attention but not so refined If the flow of Yagami was close to the city where he lived Fang Linkong would be aware of it immediately but Dongfang Yimu and Sideke could not attract his attention The person who designed this plan was about to find out the flaw of Fang Linkong and hit his weakness in one fell swoop To this day Fang Linkong finally put his eyes on Zhenyan Shenjiao He did not understand why the cult had chosen him
In terms of importance he is just an insignificant pawn in terms of strength Fang Linkong is strong enough behind which there are such fierce people as the missing son as a backer Whatever the consideration Fang Linkong is the kind of person who is not worth the effort to deal with Even if you can kill me it won't do any good to the True Yan God Sect and they will be able to deal with me if they hold it firmly Fang Linkong was in a myriad of twists and turns and he could not understand why the True Yan God Sect suddenly jumped out at this time Do it to yourself He did not waste any thought at all to look for the traces of Dongfang Yimu and Steck As the Chinese saying goes "a monk who runs away cannot run away from the temple" With Fang Linkong's temper just go straight to the important person of Zhenyan Shenjiao He's not the material to be Sherlock Holmes Violence is always the guarantee of the spread of truth! At the time of Fang Linkong's departure a smiling man was waiting for Polymer Materials a visitor to the solar system in the orbit of Mars Jinshiyi shuttles through the asteroid belt The body is constantly changing and the divine light of the body is sometimes twisted sometimes condensed avoiding or shaking away the rapidly rotating interstellar meteorites He tracked Shi Qingyuan to this remote star system and the energy had already dropped to the bottom Although the energy from the sun has been replenishing his body after passing through Pluto's orbit the speed has always been too slow So Jin Shiyi did not waste time on the outer planets but kept moving forward with the sun as the goal Only when he was close to the star could he recover his divine power as soon as possible Space travel is extremely lonely often thousands There was no breath of life for thousands of years so when Jin Shiyi saw the man waiting for him in the orbit of Mars he could not say whether he was excited angry or surprised h "In Xiayuan Qiankun" Earth Demon Clan Is the unknown comer a member of the Sinian Protoss When Jin Shiyi heard the sound fluctuation sealed by the secret method which was transmitted from the universe to his ear drum he was immediately surprised at the other side's cultivation slowly turning his eyes like a drum and his hoarse voice was transmitted back to the other side with the spiritual fluctuation as the carrier
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