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I couldn't help laughing when I heard the bear's words. Billions of Chinese compatriots, if all Chinese people really think so, then how dare the foreigners be so arrogant. I'm sure there must be a gang of scum secretly colluding with these foreigners, otherwise they can't be so unscrupulous. Who cares? I'm going to watch the fun, not to kill and set fire. There's nothing to worry about. As soon as I thought of this, I put away my pager, turned around and ran to the transport array. It was still early, so I went to get some local snacks to fill my stomach first. As soon as I arrived at the gate of Yanshi City, a large group of foreigners immediately attracted my attention (no matter which country they were from, except for a few Asian countries with yellow skin and black eyes like us, they all looked the same). Look at their aggressive posture, they dare to go to the bloody desert. Can it be said that those foreigners can not contact more foreign aid, really want to launch a war of aggression against China, ah, simply live impatiently. I murmured to myself and wanted to go over and listen to what they were saying. Suddenly I found a familiar figure inside. Was it him, or was it him? The Firebird's red hair was so striking that he stood in the crowd like a flower. What are they doing here? Do they want to play second kill again? I stayed a God, put on a wizard's cloak, and slowly approached the past. How are the brothers preparing? The Firebird turned sideways and asked the big dog standing beside him. The big dog looked back and said in a low voice, "It's all ready. Besides, I heard that many gangs in China are also ready to start. They are all big gangs.". The Italian pigs should get a taste of public anger this time. The big dog waved his wand and said with some pride. The Firebird nodded, looked back at the brothers around him,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, waved his big hand, and marched into the bloody desert with a group of people. As they set out, several groups of people gathered around the city and outside the city set out, aiming at the bloody desert. As night fell, a pale red crescent moon hung high in the sky, gazing indifferently at everything below, somewhat cold and depressed, and the whole bloody desert was filled with an undercurrent of desolation. The air was very dull,brass tube fitting, there was no wind, and a few lonely black and sandstone looked coldly at the land of death, as if expecting it to become noisy and lively. Yes, it won't be long before this bloody desert will be painted with blood and life again. The treasure of Solomon, which once fascinated me and Big Bear, has long disappeared, leaving only a huge sandpit. The dead spirits and corpses around them have long been cleaned up by later players. Even if they brush out dozens of them, they don't have a chance to play, and they are immediately beaten to pieces by the swarms of knives, guns and sticks, and go back to where they should go. Not far from the portal of the netherworld, a group of players gathered in the east and west, one by one holding their breath, God's "color" ferocious, they are waiting. Firebird and his party came here, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, and when they saw such a situation, they smiled knowingly, waved their hands, and quietly retreated to one side. Now, it was not their turn to start first. In front of the portal, a group of players have quarreled with a group of foreigners guarding the door. Shit, this place doesn't belong to your family. Why should you charge for it. I don't have any money with me today. Even if I do, I won't give it to you. How dare you not let us in, don't you? An orc player was shouting, and his brother next to him echoed. Damn, if you don't get out of the way, I'm going to start chopping. ***, don't be shameless. Seeing that the foreigner guarding the gate was said to have turned and purple for a while, the orc continued to clamor. Ha ha, brought a large group of people to call the battle, not deliberately stirring up trouble is what, I saw a foreigner guarding the door is taking out a pager, back to one side, it seems, is to inform the people inside to get ready. I wasn't interested in taking part in the melee outside. When I opened the stealth, I quietly "touched" the portal and flashed in sideways, leaving only a circle of gentle ripples on the starry door. I thought I would see a large group of people stationed here, but I didn't expect that there were only a few people standing scattered inside.
Only then did I remember that this door could only enter but not exit, and there was no need to send a large number of people to guard it. It seems that the foreigners outside are just a cover, and they may have been ready inside, waiting for this large group of people to come in and kill them by surprise. I walked slowly to the Nai River Bridge, and there were thousands of people standing beside Meng Po. It seems that not only come in to ask for money, but also spend some money to buy a bowl of Meng Po Soup. Hell is full of Yin Qi, if you don't lay down this point, you can't drink Meng Po Tang, but those players outside will suffer a great loss. When the time comes, there will be not only foreigners, but also a large group of hell ghosts waiting to help collect the bodies. Anyway, we were sneaking around, and after letting the gringos pass, I dodged and walked toward Meng Po's cabin. It was still the same shabby wooden shed. Meng Po was busy inside and outside. As soon as I entered the door, I immediately showed my figure. Seeing me, Mrs. Meng was stupefied. Then she said with a smile, "Young man, it's you again. Long time no see." The expression on the withered old man's face was as weird as it could be. It's me. You must be very busy. "I asked casually, saying to myself," This old woman remembers sex so well that she can recognize me. Yes Meng Po poured a jar of muddy water into a wooden bucket and murmured, "It's not peaceful near the underworld. I don't know why so many people have come in. It makes my old woman's business very good. I'm so busy that I'm going to break up my old bones." "Come on, now that I'm here, I'll have to drink a bowl of soup from my wife." Meng Po's withered old hand handed over a bowl of muddy soup. Although it looks disgusting, I know that if I don't drink it, the Yin Qi in hell can kill people. After drinking Meng Po's soup, I turned around and left the cabin. By the way,38 tube fitting, I said to Meng Po, "Meng Po, you always prepare some soup. There will be a lot of people coming in soon!" 。 chinaroke.com
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