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Many military powers in the world today have formed their own women's special forces, which is the trend of the times, and our army is aware of this, so the elite training school of special forces began to recruit female cadets a few years ago. Since the school can recruit, why can't we fangs? Not before, then from now on! I think this Cheng Jinxi is very good and can set a very good example! Qinhuai Muyin did not speak, engaged in ideological and political education, is the lip service, he said that there are a hundred words waiting to fight back! The shadow saw that the hell killer was speechless by his own words. He immediately smiled and got up from the marching chair. He looked at his partner and patted him on the shoulder: "Old Qin, the question now is not whether you want it or not, but whether you raise the difficulty to S-level. If they still stick to it, and their grades surpass those of the veterans under you-when the time comes, how can you open your mouth to drive them away?" Qin Huai Mu's cold eyes glanced at the shadow, and his thin lips pursed into a straight line. So, you might as well take it easy, anyway, I am very optimistic about these two people! What a natural soldier! No matter how the shadow advised, Qin Huai Mu's face as cold as an iceberg did not change color, but deep in the ice eyes, because of his partner's words and become more and more cold. Class S? At present, the test is less than S-level, if it really mentions S-level. The training is getting more and more rigorous. On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in May, the ice and snow began to melt. During the training, everyone's military boots were stained with several kilograms of mud,non standard fasteners, with their own weight-bearing effect. If in this case, the weather does not cooperate, and then a little rain or something, it will be miserable. At the end of the morning training, Qin Huai Mu appeared at the training ground before going to dinner. The misty rain is hazy, the visibility is not high, but when the tall and strong figure steps on the rain curtain, it still makes people shiver far away, and the chaotic brain is completely awake in an instant! Brocade Xi in the heart,car radiator cap, inexplicably had a trace of admiration for the chief officer. In her view, soldiers should have such momentum, do not have to open their mouths, do not have to start, just a figure coming from far away, that kind of powerful and fierce aura can be powerful in all directions! She is a woman, can have this ability not to know, but she can be sure that someone will have such an aura in the future, and-may even surpass! Thinking of these, Jin Xi felt a faint excitement in her heart and looked forward to it. Suddenly, the tall and tall figure, like a moving iceberg, finally settled in front of them. Jin Xi's eyes blinked, and her line of sight was level and condensed. Chapter 379 the legendary prison camp. "Because of the weather, the training course will be adjusted from today." Qin Huai Mu stood still, majestic and cold line of sight swept a circle, metal stamping parts ,titanium machining parts, like a cold sword out of its scabbard, the light came through the air, causing a tremor behind everyone. Adjustment? The veterans were slightly surprised. Could it be that the hell killer had a conscience and realized that they had worked too hard recently and the weather was too bad, so they had to reduce the amount of training? However, without waiting for everyone to have the idea of joy, he heard Qinhuai Mu's cold voice without a trace of ups and downs: "From today on, we will have a three-day'POW camp 'training. After breakfast, all the team members will take off their ranks and enter the POW camp!" What POW camp?! When Qin Huai Mu spit out these three words, all of them were shocked and suspected that their ears were wrong! POW camp training is usually conducted once a year. They trained at the end of last year, and now it's only May. Come again?! When Cheng Jinxi and Jiang Hanlin heard the three words "POW camp", they had the same eyebrows. Since they were trained in the elite special forces training school, they certainly know the super abnormal POW camp subjects in the ZG special forces. To put it simply, there is no freedom, no human rights, no status, only endless torture and excessive corporal punishment! This is more than the average person can bear.
Soldiers are required to remove their ranks before entering, in order to avoid being treated differently because of their ranks in the training process! Of course, Cheng Jinxi and Jiang Hanlin are not afraid of hardship, nor are they afraid of such inhuman "abuse", but the problem is that they have already had five days of extreme training, everyone is exhausted, at this time plus three days of POW camp courses-to tell the truth, it is possible to die! Sure enough, after making sure that there was nothing wrong with their ears, the soldiers began to whisper one by one. Do you want to be so perverted, in order to give these two new people a blow, and even put us to death. "Look at what Captain Qin means, it seems that he doesn't want these two people, so he deliberately lets them retreat?" "Who knows?"? These days we have tried our best to deal with them, people should have seen it, but still refused to yield ah- "so an additional POW camp course, it is not much use, right?"? "Hey.." If you really enter the POW camp, the female soldiers will certainly not be able to endure it. "Shh, shh, don't say it, be careful that the disaster comes from the mouth!" Qin Huai Mu naturally heard the soldiers' comments, and his face was cold and did not change at all. Although people are known as the hell killer, but he is definitely not a "careless human life" of the fatuous official, he is just too fair, too upright, too principled, hope that his soldiers can be indestructible, can be a hundred, so he is so harsh. I know that only 20 days have passed since the last "Devil Week" examination, and the "POW Camp" course was only trained years ago. With such tight and high-intensity extreme training, you will inevitably have ideas in your mind, but wearing this uniform, you will have to carry out orders unconditionally! "Don't forget, in Fangs, we are carrying out the most dangerous and confidential tasks, which are about the national interests of the country, so every soldier in Fangs should be the elite of the elite!" "Such high-intensity training for you is also to test whether you can maintain the integrity of professional soldiers when your body reaches its limit!"! Be able to remember loyalty to the country and the people! Chapter 380 POW Camp Course [Ask for Recommendation] Undeniably,Steel investment casting, Qin Huai Mu's words are impeccable, but Jin Xi still feels guilty in her heart-the two of them can hurt these predecessors, originally people do not have to suffer this crime. autoparts-dx.com
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