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Even if Su Xia is not a dog's blood, his mind also suddenly came up with a few ideas like "teenagers walking in the dark alleys in the middle of the night, being beaten and robbed by bad teenagers" and so on, and thought that Huo Yaning had never called himself at this time at ordinary times, maybe something had happened to him. She suddenly panicked and stood up, not daring to shout at the phone, fearing that there were really bad people over there, fearing that they heard something, but putting her ears up and listening carefully to the sound of the phone. But this listen, is five or six minutes, Su Xia also did not hear what should not be the sound, there continued silence, and then is the "clang clang clang" sound indecisive, now listen carefully, but like the sound of what objects hit each other together. Su Xia turned up the volume and shouted into the microphone: "Huo Yaning!"! Talk to me! So shouted two or three times, there finally appeared Huo Yaning's cold voice, he hesitated to ask: "." Sucha? Hearing him speak, his voice seemed normal again, and Su Xia realized that he had thought too much after all. First, he laughed at the idea of dog blood in his brain. Su Xia asked, "It's me. Why don't you speak when you call me?" "I called you?" Huo Yaning's voice was somewhat confused, and then he looked at the screen of his mobile phone, which did show "call time: 6 minutes and 38 seconds". He thought of a series of actions he had just made, and suddenly realized that he had made the call unintentionally. "It was a mistake,Nail machine manufacturer," he said. I didn't mean to call you. “……” Su Xia at this time also understood that the other side should be dialed by mistake, but some anger in the heart: "You will not lock the keyboard?!"! Do you know that you just made this call, and you didn't say a word in it, but made some strange sounds, which scared me. I thought you were stopped in a dark alley and beaten, or kidnapped. I didn't dare to breathe. I just listened quietly for several minutes, trying to hear some clues to save you! Huo Yaning was silent for a few seconds and opened his mouth again, with a bit of schadenfreude in his words: "You've seen too many movies." Su Xia said coldly, "I not only watch a lot of movies,Coil nail machine, but also write a lot of novels.". Are you all right? Hang up if you have nothing to do. With these words, she took the phone away from her ear and prepared to close it. But suddenly heard Huo Yaning shouting over there, "Wait-", so Su Xia asked him again: "What's the matter with you?" "What are you doing now?" Huo Yaning asked Su Xia. Su Xia glanced at the computer. "I'm revising the manuscript." "Repair?" Hoyanin paused and said, "Then I'm not in a hurry to hand it in.". You come out now, I want to see you. Su Xia simply said, "It's getting late. I won't go out." Huo Yaning was annoyed and asked Su Xia directly: "Am I a great scourge?"? You're avoiding me like this. Su Xia smiled and said, "It's not a great scourge, but it's true that it makes people shy away." "You!" Huo Yaning gas is not good, and think oneself want to say cruel words, Su Xia probably will hang up his phone directly. Holding back his anger, he changed his tone and said to Su Xia, "I have something to ask you for help." Su Xia is curious: "You will also need my help one day?"? What is it? Huo Yaning said awkwardly, "You can say whether to help or not first." After a pause, he added, "Whether you like it or not, don't refuse me!" Su Xia heart way, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Coil Nail Making Machine, so this is the tone of asking for help? After all, however, she was a little softhearted and said helplessly, "Come on, if you can help me, you must." "I'm at the gate of the park on the street outside your neighborhood, and you come out to find me." Hoyanin paused and said in a very low voice, "Bring some money.." Su Xia didn't hear clearly: "What?" Huo Yaning thought Su Xia was deliberately teasing him, his face was red, and he sold himself in a broken pot: "Bring some money, I have no money!" The author has something to say: Today is Sunday, so it's better to come back in the evening. 13. Make an appointment at midnight. Su Xia finally understood that he was still wandering in the street in the middle of the night and had no money to take a taxi home.
Su Xia felt a little strange, even if Huo Yaning had no money, he should not be able to find himself, his parents, friends, even Huo Jinwen, as long as a phone call in the past, there must be a car to pick him up. However, thinking that since Huo Yaning had spoken to her, perhaps there was some unspeakable secret, Su Xia did not refuse him, nodding: "Wait for me for five minutes, I'll be there right away." Huo Yaning gave a shallow "um" and hung up the phone. Fortunately, Su Xia is not ready to sleep now, did not change pajamas or anything, directly put on a coat outside the clothes, took the wallet and closed the bedroom door. While wearing shoes in the entrance, Shen Sumei came out of the bedroom to pour water in the living room. When she saw Su Xia going out, she asked her, "It's more than nine o'clock now. It's time to go to bed. Why did you go out again?" "The A4 paper in the printer is used up, and I have to print the manuscript tomorrow. I'll go out to the supermarket to buy some," Su Xia lied without changing her face. Shen Sumei nodded, thinking that the security of this area near her home was very good, and there were often police patrols at night, so she did not stop it, so she nodded and told Su Xia: "Hurry back after buying, don't wander around outside." Su Xia nodded and opened the door and went out. Out of the area and walked for about four or five minutes, Su Xia arrived at the intersection of the next street. She first stood under the street lamp and looked at the distance. Sure enough, she saw a squatting figure in the street park, like Huo Yaning. She breathed a sigh of relief and ran over. Panting ran to the front of Huo Yaning, Su Xia wanted to give him the money directly, and then left himself, but inadvertently saw two rows around him, about a dozen cans of beer neatly arranged, and Huo Yaning's side, but also tilted a few beer cans, empty. Su Xia immediately gave a surprise, immediately went to see Huo Yaning's complexion, as expected to see his complexion slightly red, like a little drunk. Su Xia frowned and asked him, "Have you been drinking?" Huo Yaning raised his head, his eyes congealed on Su Xia's face for a while before he found the focus,Nail machine supplier, and heard that Su Xia's tone seemed to be bad, so he said in a fit of pique: "I haven't drunk it, so I want to taste it.". Why are you in charge of this? 。 3shardware.com
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