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I feel like I'm really useless. Thinking of this, the little flower lay down on the table and watched the next table being broadcast live. In front of the song fairy, there was a white porcelain green glaze vase, branches of osmanthus trees and some tools for flower arrangement, which were explaining (explaining) (lessons) with the audience. "Master's hometown is also the birthplace of flower path, when choosing vases more exquisite, spring and winter need to use bronze, and autumn and summer for porcelain.." “…… And according to the place, we also need to make different choices, such as the hall Guangxia is suitable for placing large-sized vases, such as the white porcelain green glazed vase I chose, which is ready to be placed in the Daguang room, although it is not a famous work, but as long as it is properly used, with flowers.. "Take out your notebook and take notes." "Teacher Gexian is too literary _ (:" ") _" "Did the newcomer Xiaolong Jingguang walk over just now?" "Why can he break off a few branches and put them so beautifully?" "What are Master Xiaocao and Zhengtai talking about next door?" "Let's see the new people!"! There are too few new people showing up! "Didn't you say before that Master Xiaocao was preparing to open a shop?"? How's it going? Ask for the special program of this series!! "Although the song fairy's flower arrangement class is also very good, but at the moment I really want to see the new people on the show QAQ." "Can the newlyweds come and arrange flowers together?" "In fact, the live broadcast is not so important now. Every week, the program edited by Lu Aoshou is interesting. Each special section is so interesting-so is the new topic open?" "Hey,turmeric extract powder, new guy, can you come here?" Lu Aoshou, who was in charge of the live broadcast, watched the bullet screen, and many viewers talked about letting the new people appear in the camera, so they greeted Xiaolong. Me? Sitting on the periphery of the moon, Xiaolong Jingguang turned his head and pointed to himself. Seeing Lu Aoshou nodding,saw palmetto extract, he knelt down and strolled over. What can I do for you? "The audience said they wanted to see you and say hello." Lu Aomou pointed to his laptop and turned the temporary live camera to Xiaolong. Now he can mobilize many cameras at the same time, so even if the live program is missed, the weekly regular program can still be edited very well. Oh, ok Xiaolong looked at the screen full of the words of the master's hometown, and he had been in contact with the invisible audience several times in the past few days, so it was easy to cope with, and naturally raised a hearty smile toward the screen. "Hello, I'm Xiaolong Jingguang." "Dwarf oil ~ ~ ~ The new little brother is so handsome!" "Hello, hello!" Excuse me, is the standard of this Maru's recruitment really based on its appearance? Feel desperate.. "Let's flirt with the new little brother." "I also want to apply for the small grass master's this pill." "What will be the new program when the new people come?" "This face value is tut-tut, and it is suitable to be a love shaker at first sight." "What are the hobbies of the new little brother?" "In the front, I would like to ask who in Honmaru is not suitable to be a love shaker." "The show?"? At present, best green coffee bean extract ,pumpkin seed extract, the new person is still in the process of adaptation, and we will have a good discussion with him before deciding to announce it. Lu Aoshou helped Xiaolong reply to some bullet screen questions, and then turned the camera back to the song fairy who arranged the flowers. You are very popular now. Lu Aoshou patted Xiaolong Jingguang on the shoulder. Yeah, that would be a great honor. Xiaolong also publicized his smile, but his heart was still lost. This Ben Maru, he is really dispensable. Not to mention those small daggers that are very pleasing to the master, he is also very inconspicuous in the broadsword alone. The world's five swords of the three days of the moon and the number of beads pill constant times, Genji treasure heavy cut, Awataguchi only a vibration too knife a vibration, as well as a very special historical significance of the three left characters, all came to this pill earlier than him, the value is more precious, so how can he get the master's favor? Guangzhong took a distant look at his younger generation, can not help shaking his head, each pill has its own different troubles, only in its position can personally experience.
The Fifth Volume: The Fifth Step of Getting Rich: Farmhouse Enjoyment & Crossing Chapter 131step one hundred and twenty. At noon, Xiaohua cut the newly harvested eggplant into meat stuffing with a knife, wrapped it in egg batter and fried it into an eggplant box. She also boiled the fish-flavored sauce with pickled pepper and other seasonings and poured it on the eggplant box to make a fish-flavored eggplant box with the authentic taste of Xiaohua's hometown. Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, the unique and complex taste of the fish-flavored eggplant box is naturally widely praised. There are only two or three pieces in one blade, and you can't even grab them. In order to eat one more piece of eggplant box, the whole lunch time is like a spy movie. Seeing that everyone was very enthusiastic, Xiaohua, who was so confident in her craft, finally decided to open an authentic Chinese restaurant in Wanwu. It's good to open a restaurant. The most important ingredients can be provided from this pill. You don't have to be afraid that the industrial chain will suddenly break down for various reasons like other industries. Now that you want to open a restaurant and put aside the matter of building a house on the other side of Wanwu, first of all, the resources of Honmaru have to be integrated again. If you don't calculate carefully, you really have no idea. After calculating, Xiaohua found that it was impossible to support the expenses of a small-scale restaurant by relying solely on the extra output of the usual Maru. For example, restaurants need 20 broilers a day, one broiler out of the cage for 30 days, and about 600 chickens need to be raised in this pill to ensure the supply chain. Chicken coops and cowsheds have to be greatly expanded, and not only that, pork is also a staple of traditional Chinese cuisine, which can be said to account for nearly half of it. So this time we have to build a big pig house to supply pork, and then go out to buy it so that the middlemen can earn the difference. There are also fields, in addition to the vegetable garden to be expanded, but also to get a fruit tree garden to grow fruit trees. Fortunately, the material is enough. Xiaohua quickly wrote down the expansion plan, but she was too lazy to design it herself. She bought the drawings and used the ready-made ones to do it in one step. Most of the remaining trees in the periphery of Honmaru were leveled directly, and new chicken houses, pig houses,tannic acid astringent, cowsheds, orchards, glass greenhouses and porcelain kilns sprang up. Master How powerful! She also.. Are you still human? Xiaolong Jingguang looked at the newly built large orchard and muttered to himself. prius-biotech.com
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