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At the same time, he can also use the stone tower instead of boxing, playing the tower of life and death, the tower of heart destruction and other five killing moves, which is more powerful than the fist of life and death and the fist of heart destruction! And this stone pagoda, live up to Li Xiao's expectations, is a spirit level top-grade weapon! Top Lingbing, the power of nature is great, this point, imagine the power of the black button in Xie Yunyan's body, it can be seen! The rest of the magic formula, Li Xiao also did not discard, combined with the collection resources of Haoyuefu library, Xiaoguang revised in many ways, although the magic formula is still once nine big kill, but the power is more powerful, more than ten times. Li Xiao's meditation, is the harvest of these aspects, at this time some understanding and accommodation, after all in a moment of full integration. Now his strength, after putting aside the body protection holy armor barren inflammation armor, a move of life and death tower, can shake him into pieces before, such strength leap, more than is great, it is simply against the sky to an amazing extent! Take back the thought, and pointed out the younger brother and sister's nine emperor fist, Li Xiao this just walked out of the courtyard. At this time, a ray of light came from far away, turned into a halo wave,cosmetic tube, and collapsed in front of Li Xiao's compound. Li Xiao gazed slightly into the distance, and outside the dark sky, there seemed to be abnormal energy fluctuations. Pretend to be a ghost! Li Xiaoqing drink a sound, the body a shock, the figure suddenly natural adjustment, such as flying saucer suddenly shot out, into a streamer far away. Wen Jia, the Palace of the Source of Malpractice. It was he, this boy, who killed my grandson Yishan and the only hope of my family! A man bent his body and gnashed his teeth. Uh? Is that him?! A middle-aged man stood up with a sound,pump tube, and a look of surprise on his face. What's the matter? Haoyu Daoyou knows this man? Beside the bent old man, a white-haired old man with cold eyes and gloomy face spoke without any emotional fluctuation. I'm ashamed to say! My disciples were all killed by this man! Now, Su Mucheng always appreciates this man's talent, but I'm not good at it! The middle-aged man's face was flushed, and he looked very humiliated and ashamed, as if he felt ashamed. He could not have said such a thing, but the old man, even he, dared not offend him. The Wen family had never been high-profile, but the old man, who was pale and cold and spoke in a negative way, could not be offended by him. Pow! The pale old man stood up and smashed the five-square table beside him. His face was even colder. "I want him to die!" "This.." Difficult, now the Lee family Lee Hyun old man, the strength of the sky into the sky, can not be provoked! "Only humiliation and forbearance!" "Not reconciled!" Around the pale old man, rickets old man, middle-aged man and others, one after another unwilling to say. Just as well, this boy talent is fierce, and ruthless, do not kill in the future is a scourge! In this way, custom cosmetic packing ,pump tube, I, the Wen family, asked the Shang family and the head of the Hua family to come over and discuss the ceremony of going to the Li family tomorrow. Today, let people test it and see if they can hook up this little bastard! If not successful, these days, he can not bear loneliness, will always come out, then find the right opportunity, I do it myself! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 051 Zhanwenjia Lao Zu. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: January 29, 2013:19:24 Number of words in this chapter: 4063 "Now Haoyue Mansion knows that besides Xie Wenkun, there are only three of you.". The Li family did not know that I was in the dark, with my ability to congeal the triple heaven and carry the broken spirit soldier, seize the opportunity to kill this boy in an instant, as simple as pinching an ant to death! The old man's eyes are cold, evil, cold and vicious. "When the time comes, I will use his flesh and blood to refine the elixir to promote longevity and extend my life for a longer time!"! Like such a genius who has reached the'near five realms', the essence of his life is contained in the profound meaning of Qi fortune. If I take his alchemy, I can get a trace of his Qi fortune and get more longevity yuan! Listening to the old man's cold words, the middle-aged man and the rickets old man, as well as a beautiful and cold woman, suddenly showed their eyes one after another, apparently the first time they had heard of such a situation.
Refining people into elixirs and taking away other people's flesh and blood? Extend life? Take someone else's luck? This Isn't this against the sky? A few people were shocked! "You don't think too simple, but such a character, generally difficult to kill, although I kill him like a pinched ant, but I will take out the strongest blow, instantly kill it, do not give him a chance!"! Such characters, mostly have all kinds of adventures, have great opportunities, used to refine medicine, comparable to the top medicinal materials! Moreover, not to mention the difficulty of the refining process, the auxiliary medicinal materials are even more difficult to find, and the wealth that Lao Zu and I have secretly robbed, killed, plundered, and robbed for so many years is barely enough to open a furnace! When the time comes, you will all have a chance! The old man looked coldly at the bent old man and the middle-aged man, and when his eyes fell on the beautiful and cold woman, it was a little warmer. Yishui, this time, you follow Lao Zu and I to see you. You are a genius secretly cultivated by the Wen family. Even against Xie Yunyan, you still have a victory. Half of the resources of these years are spent on you. You can fight with me for more than a hundred rounds and reach the'near four fields'. This time, strive to make a breakthrough again! "Yes, Lao Zu!" The beautiful woman's face was cold, and her eyes were full of hatred: "Lao Zu, when you kill him, I will whip the corpse!"! But Lao Zu can rest assured that I won't waste his flesh and blood! Well, that's no problem! It's normal for you to avenge your brother! Hey hey, blame this boy blind dog eye only, dare to provoke my article home! The old man sneered unceasingly, and the conversation between them made the middle-aged man gasp and feel cold all over. These two people, between the words, will kill and whip the corpse, the means is by no means first-class cruelty! …… Night, under the sky, a lonely. Li Xiao's figure shuttled back and forth, and his spiritual consciousness fluctuated like vast waves, radiating out in an instant. Soul and flesh in one, his strength is more than a strong realm,plastic packaging tube, this promotion, even Xiaoguang can not be specifically calculated, we can see how great progress this has made. emptycosmetictubes.com
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