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In fact, he was worried that Liu Yun had been away for so long that he was afraid that something had changed. Military power is such a thing that it is difficult to say and easy to say to change course. Liu Yun felt the concern in his words and smiled: "Yanchuan, thank you, I am not wrong about you." Thank him for not caring about his forced marriage; thank him for not caring about his repeated offenses; thank him for accompanying him to travel thousands of miles, wind and frost swords, hand in hand, even if he did not have her in his heart. In fact, love is not a reliable thing. What is really reliable is character and responsibility. The man she chose can bear the four words of indomitable spirit. After saying this, she found that Yanchuan actually blushed. Yanchuan himself noticed that his face was burning. "Who told you to say that?" He said angrily? Just get down to business. You also heard that your father is sick and can't see anyone. Everything is conveyed through your eldest brother Tuoba He Ruo. What do you think about this? "What you want to ask is the temperament of my three brothers." "It's rare for you to be enlightened." Liu Yun found the lovely side of Yanchuan today, and did not feel his venomous tongue hateful, but felt very happy with his awkwardness. My eldest brother broke his calf and didn't connect it well, so he couldn't ride and shoot. He even limped when he walked. He was very gentle. My second brother's health is not very good, always sick constantly, he has the best temper, no one is afraid of him, even the most humble servant girl in his house is not afraid of him. My third brother is brave and good at fighting, has a hot temper, and doesn't hide things in his heart. Yanchuan listened to her introduction, thinking, I'm afraid these are black fat this fool himself thought. In the royal family, what kind of person is gentle,plastic pallet supplier, has the best temper, and does not hide anything in his heart? If there was, it would have been dead already. But he didn't expose her. About the dream of family harmony and happiness, I don't know how long the black fat can last. According to the news from Yanchuan, this time, in fact, the brothers were against the wall,stackable plastic pallets, and there was no foreign insult, but someone colluded with foreigners in an attempt to achieve their own secret. Of course, many of these are his suspicions, who is the person who opened the door to Uta, he has not found out. When he finds out the clues, all the truth will be revealed slowly, and the Tuoba tribe will probably experience great changes. Chapter 1847 the female emperor of Fanwai He (48). Yanchuan's worries were not shared with Liu Yun. Because he knew that Liu Yun himself only talked to himself about easy things, and she was afraid that there was a lot of pressure hidden in her heart. Anyway, everyone else came with her, and no matter what happened, they would hold her up. He is her husband, no matter how strong the cloud, Yanchuan will not forget his responsibility. The next day, Tuoba He Ruo, the second brother of Liu Yun, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, brought someone to pick up Liu Yun. This one is gentle in the mouth of Liu Yun, and no one will be afraid of him. From the appearance alone, Yan Chuan admitted that Liu Yun was right. Tuoba Heruo, plain and not strong, was more like a weak scholar than most of the tall men in the northern tribes, and he was always smiling and looking like a good old man. He did not know Yanchuan, and when he arrived, he was very close to Liu Yun. How is your relationship with Yanchuan? You don't know that since you married far away, I dare not mention you in front of my father, and I dare not think about it myself. I can't help crying when I think about it. Yan Chuan stood behind Liu Yun and said to himself, "Let me see if you shed a tear now."? Hypocritical. I miss you, too. Liu Yundao, "Yanchuan and I." It's all right. Although it was not pleasant at first, the relationship between the two people is undoubtedly the best stage now. Although she didn't want such a big thing to happen to the Tuoba tribe, she was very grateful to God for knowing Yanchuan's intentions to her this time. But this brief moment of her hesitation, Tuoba He Ruo immediately captured sensitively, concerned tunnel: "Does he not like you?" Yanchuan is a little itchy and wants to perform a live performance of tearing a living person by hand. Tuoba He Ruo, this bastard, doesn't talk about the bullshit in their tribe, but cares about his sister's family affairs. He's really full. …… Well, it's all right. Liu Yun's face was slightly red.
Tuo Ba He Ruo did not know, but she knew that the master of their discussion was standing behind them. Liu Yun did not dare to look back, she could imagine Yanchuan's face now. She did not dare to speak her mind-Yanchuan is very good to me now, and she has a sense of shame to boast. But Tuoba He Ruo thought she had some difficulties. "Don't worry," he said. "Now that you're back, the second brother will definitely make decisions for you. If he is not good to you, you stay at home and divorce him! Yan Chuan Xin Dao, how dare you! When the time comes, I will bring my troops to destroy your Tuoba tribe. Liu Yun couldn't help looking back at Yan Chuan, and sure enough, he saw his cannibalistic expression. Tuoba He Ruo followed his gaze, and when he saw Yanchuan's expression, he couldn't help asking, "He is.." "Oh," Liu Yun quickly covered up, "he is Yan Chuan to my bodyguard, he called Yan Hui!" Tuoba He Ruo nodded, received her eyes, immediately understood the meaning of the inconvenience of speaking now, then stopped the topic. Yan Chuan thought again, coward bag soft egg! Don't you dare say it in front of a bodyguard? If someone dares to bully Niannian in the future, he will have to come to destroy him. He shouldn't be called Yan Hui under a pseudonym. He wants to be called Yan Mie! "Second brother, how is the father now?"? I'm worried. The worry on Liu Yun's face is also from the bottom of his heart. Tuoba He Ruo sighed, "To tell you the truth, I don't know either." "How can you not know?" "The father doesn't see anyone except his eldest brother now, so we don't know the situation of the father." "Big Brother?" Liu Yun couldn't believe it. "How could Big Brother do such a thing?" "No,foldable bulk container, I didn't say that the eldest brother held the father hostage. Maybe the father himself really didn't want to see us." Tuoba He Ruo hurriedly said. There's no reason for that. Liu Yun spoke straight, "Father himself, what reason do you have to do this?" 。
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