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"To put it nicely, in fact, he is afraid of death. Shan Hanjie, there is a gun in the box behind you. As long as you kill Ye Zhanxing, you can see your son immediately." A bewitching voice, slowly ringing in the ear. It's like hypnosis. Watching Shan Hanjie turn around and walk towards the box, he took out the gun from the box. Then he turned back and aimed at Ye Zhan. On the face of the demon, the obscure light color is full of terrible demons. The coquettish pupil, like an agate quenched with blood, flows with scarlet light, seducing the soul. You deserve to die. "Yes, he deserves to die. If you pull the trigger lightly, you can end the hatred and take your son away." The voice of the mysterious man is still bewitching Shan Hanjie, who has lost his reason. Tingye.. Shan Han Jie's eyes flashed, Pure Brightness for a moment, and then covered with blood. Your son is in the room behind you. As long as you kill Ye Zhanxing, I'll let you take him away. "Kill him." Shan Hanjie aimed his gun at Ye Zhanxing and slowly approached the glass room. Wei An's body stopped less than three meters away from Ye Zhan, aiming at his heart, ready to pull the trigger. Bang- "" The door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Qin Youxuan's petite body was fixed in the doorway, staring at the scene in front of him in amazement. He was only dull for a second and shouted out in surprise. Shan Hanjie, what are you doing? That's my dad! Qin Youxuan rushed forward and was about to approach the glass room when suddenly, with a bang,Manual Flush Valve, a glass door suddenly appeared in front of him, dividing the huge conference room into two halves. Qin Youxuan was separated on the other side, looking at the soul-stirring scene in the glass room, crying out nervously. He slapped the glass door with both hands. Shan Hanjie, wake up. That's my father. If you kill him, I'll never forgive you in my life! “……” Shan Hanjie's body shook slightly and his arm trembled slightly for a moment. Looking sideways at Qin Youxuan, who was almost sticking to the glass, his scarlet eyes quickly restored calm. He looked directly at Ye Zhan, who was fixed on the shelf. Shan Hanjie,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, look at me, I am your cat, you said that as long as I am around you, you will never lose your mind, you see clearly, standing in front of you, is my father, he is my biological father, you can not hurt him.. Qin Youxuan clenched his fist and hammered hard at the glass door. Nervously looking back and forth for a way to open the glass door. Shan Hanjie moved his thin lips and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything. Turned his head and looked at Ye Zhanxing. A baby's cry came from his ear, which made the two people in the glass room nervous and looked at Qin Youxuan in the glass room at the same time. But found that Qin Youxuan did not respond at all, as if he had not heard anything. Chapter 1344 two can only live one. "You don't have to worry. She can't hear. Now the real game begins." A ghostly voice sounded in the glass room, accompanied by the baby's cry. Little Tingye did not know how long he cried, his voice was hoarse, and just as he was about to stop, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,stainless steel shower tray, he was pricked by a needle and began to cry again. That's enough. What do you want to do? Don't hurt my grandson. I'll give you whatever you want. Ye Zhanxing's eyes were filled with tears, and his heartache was unbearable. He lived half his life, and finally looked forward to his own daughter and a grandson. I can't bear to see my grandson hurt at all. As soon as Ye Zhanxing struggled, the iron cable on his body began to tighten, almost tightening his flesh. Don't move. The more anxious you are, the more proud he will be. Shan Hanjie's eyes flashed slightly, and the moment he saw Qin Youxuan, his manic mood had returned to calm. Listening to the baby crying in his ear, he held the gun in his right hand and restrained himself from losing control. ……” As soon as Ye Zhanxing's eyes darkened, he raised his head and looked at Shan Hanjie. His eyes fell on Qin Youxuan outside the glass room and looked angrily in the direction of the monitor. What do you want to do? We're already here, so there's no need to be mysterious. "Will you give me your life?" Mysterious men laugh out loud, terrible laughter, can destroy people's will at all times.
"To save your grandson is very simple, single cold Jie shot, I will naturally release, time is running out, listen to the child's crying, I do not know if I can hold on for ten minutes, ha ha.." “……” In the glass room, there was silence, leaving only the baby's pitiful cry, which broke people's hearts. Ye Zhanxing and Shan Hanjie looked at each other and looked at Qin Youxuan in the glass room. Qin Youxuan had already shouted hoarse, but the sealed space of the glass room isolated her voice from the outside. Similarly, she could not hear a word in it. Seeing that the gun in Shan Hanjie's hand had been pointing at Ye Zhan, he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, and kept patting the glass door, even the palm of his hand was swollen. Shoot. Ye Zhan raised his eyes and closed them slowly. "This is what I owe your mother and son. I should have paid it back long ago." “……” Shan Hanjie's eyes were sharp, and he looked at Ye Zhanxing in front of him, but he did not pull the trigger. He wanted to kill Ye Zhan, not for a day or two, but for countless times, he raised his gun. But when he thought of Qin Youxuan, he couldn't pull the trigger. Now, Qin Youxuan is standing outside the door looking at him, if this shot goes down, not only will Ye Zhanxing's life, but also her life. "Shan Hanjie's arm has been raised, listening to the increasingly faint cry of the baby in his ear, tightly pursing his lips." If you don't want to avenge your mother, shoot! As soon as Ye Zhanxing heard the baby's cry, his eyes were red and ready to crack. I do evil, can let oneself to bear, also calculate to die without regret, don't let my grandson suffer any harm, Shan Hanjie, I believe you are a responsible man, no matter how, all want to protect their mother and son, even if I beg you, shoot! “……” Shan Hanjie glanced at the closed glass room,stainless steel toilet, and his coquettish pupil closed slightly. Since the other side has led them here, they will not let them go easily. Even if he killed Ye Zhanxing, he might not be able to leave safely with their mother and son.
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