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In the afternoon on the west side of the sun, standing on the balcony overlooking the sun, the sun is leaning on a bright yellow rapeseed field, which is extraordinarily splendid. Unknown birds are singing the smell of grass in the wind, with a touch of floral fragrance, vague In the middle, I heard the bursts of children��s laughter, and I didn��t let go of all the trivial things. I opened my arms and embraced the taste of spring. Yes, spring is coming! I can��t help but feel the joy of my heart and put on me in a hurry. The little white shoes flew down the stairs. Going out, the eyes are full of spring in the soft wind, the white clouds are leisurely in the sky, a group of children running in the distance on the green grass, I walked closer to the picture in my child's footsteps. The original endless rapeseed lace is a sea of ??wildflowers. A blossoming wild flower, a cluster, a cluster of green fields. I was very surprised. The wildflowers can be so spectacular, and they are so bright. It turns out that this is the folk Philippine children playing in the flowers. Some sing and sing, like the most shining singer; some are rolling in the flowers, like the little bugs in the flowers, unscrupulously churning in the sea of ??flowers; some regard this green space as a bed Lying in the flowers, a bunch of wild flowers are thrown into the air, giggling, letting the flowers and plants fill the blushing face and look at the happy children in front of them, carefree and close to nature, as if Into the mother's arms, enjoy this warmth and beauty, smart spring, also wash my heart, meet my feelings of low eyebrows, look up and follow the direction of the spread of rape, it is Van Gogh The sky and the warm yellow. This is the unique color of spring. It is not like the heat of summer. It is not like the yellow of autumn. It is not like the chill of winter, but the harmony of spring. It is the fragrance and taste of spring. Not far from the rape blossoms, there is a soft light in the sea, wearing a soft spring, with a warm wind, passing by, dreams of growing this season, and then spread to see whether it is broken, or Whether it is slowly stretching, or slowly flowing; whether it is quiet or whispering, as long as the curtain of spring is opened, they use their unique way to join the children. The show is full of innocence, innocence, and innocence. Under the breeze, wildflowers and cauliflower became pieces and merged into the sea. Can not help but think of the "spring water, the spring forest, the spring breeze, not as good as you". I am here, staying alone, quiet and happy. Get close to these spring elves with flowers and hearts. Gently, touch the little flower with your finger, like a child's smiling face, blossoming, one by one, looking at me with a sinister smile, the wind, a little swaying, every flower is like The child jumped up and opened his arms, as if to embrace the flowers and plants, and his heart woke up from the world, squatting in the vast wilderness, flying freely through the wind of the road to caress my long hair Carton Of Newports 100, the children ran in the wind, happy With sweat, all the way to joy. Everyone blooms beautifully in the spring. Yellow, red, green... staggered, painted in the colorful spring colors, there are insects, bees, birds singing, children laughing... I can see God, I heard me Childhood songs. Gently, I felt like I was in the anime scene of "My Neighbor Totoro" Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. Suddenly I felt that I was slowly rising and becoming very small. It flew like a small colored beetle, although it was a bit cumbersome Cheap Cartons Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, but I am still free to fly in the flowers. In an instant, in the Huahaiyun, there is a buzzing buzzing sound that rushes incessantly. I forgot who I am and forgot where I am, and I forgot the past, I don��t know what time it is. The philosopher said that all the past is not to eliminate, but the time is broken into pieces of dust that are unrecognizable to the naked eye, and are laid out in invisible memories. The dust that is laid out in the depths of memory is the sea of ??life Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S. We will always be relaxed in nature, full of heart and heart. If you understand and don't understand Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, look back in silence, and gradually clear in the look back; in the silence, you will be hurt, you will be amazed in silence, and then awaken in the silent ice, giving birth to hope. The neon lights in the city that stay in the eye are very embarrassing, but dreamlike. According to the warmth of spring at the moment, I am squatting in the world of flowers, laughing at the playfulness of children. Is this not heaven and earth? By the scent of spring, and the innocence of a child, I see innocent self and Dreams swim in the ocean of flowers.

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