#1 The indifferent heart von ylq 11.03.2019 03:38

The indifferent heart gradually melted into the shackles of this half-life, no longer tangled with the flowers of the past Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, thank you, stepping on the falling leaves, still letting lighten the pace, fearing that the dusty past will disturb the peace of this moment, let the heart lock I couldn��t hold the red dust of the wounded and disturbed, and piled up the prelude of Man Hua��s feminine, until today��s moment when I couldn��t put it down that year. The past time can be erased with a wipe, I am willing to use the days to come back to this moment, no longer afraid to pass your shoulders, choose to meet you when you appear, and then in the journey of life I portray your voice and smile, remembering the spring, summer, autumn and winter you gave, and the thick love entwined with the annual rings and become old with you, and you can only see each other in the eyes of the two worlds who want to integrate you Newports Cigarettes Website. Hidden in the depths of time, I think that without the traces of the years, you and everything about you can be privately owned. It is only my exclusive. Although it is extravagant, I can still do the same dream repeatedly, beside the clear stream, When Pan Pan swayed the sorrow of the sorrow, the appearance of young and concentrated at that time condensed the most beautiful and magnificent music in life Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, and the youth fluttering and flying together mixed with a lot of care and soft sausage, and could not bear to disturb the pure poetry of the poetry. Between you and me, there is no original enthusiasm, or the original love makes the love of the years sweet and dense, and often the eyes of the eyes do not need more language to describe it. The idea, happiness is a fragrant time of Fanghua, a long fascination of the gully and hillsides of life, writing love in life in a flowery world, is a loyal waiting to see Wanli Cloudless Miles's open-minded moments share the essence of life with you, interpret the sublime of love with the colorful words of the square, and praise the vicissitudes of only you and I can understand the vicissitudes of life, how can you not experience those painful times? Understand the beautiful meaning, experience the complete life, all the days are the gifts of selflessness in life, and the pain that does not fall can stand up strong. The original gratitude is the letter that the long-term come to Japan to write to you, those who are patched in memory. Laughter and laughter is a proof of love and pain. If you pick up a pen and say so many words, you can't write the first word, or use your favorite gardenia to make a poem to bring out the poetry and paintings of this life, from the initial encounter to today's Those who have not blocked the wings of love in the past Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, the glitz flying around will confuse the rules of your heavens and earth, and the calmness of the truth will fill the gaps of the years. Rays drain time is depicted with smoke brush, you will eventually be successful in life the most beautiful poetry and painting Newport Cigarettes Wholesale.

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