#1 The TV series "The People von ylq 11.03.2019 03:26

The TV series "The People Are Not Juvenile" made me suddenly find the feeling of youth. Youth should be as charming as a bright summer flower. Maybe youth is like a meteor, and there is a demise in the splendor. However, the youth word has a color that people want, and everyone has youth, or splendid, or sad, or can be like a yang, or as dark as a star, but then it is engraved with traces of youth, people In the long and long life, I will continue to recollect my feelings. When I talk about my youth with my friends, I will always involuntarily discuss the things that I used to do, and I can't help but smile Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. In that youthful time, arrogance seems to be the most intense color. In a world of black and white in people's eyes, such arrogance seems to bring new energy. Those who seem to have never been implicated, perhaps from the moment they met, the story is developing along the expected track. People who are beautiful and sad and experienced youth will not know that growth has always been with scars and tears. People want to cry without tears, which makes people happy. When we learn to understand and learn about a person, we learn to grow on the road to youth. Mature, has been slowly fading out of the tender coat in the constant transformation, let us feel the cruelty of youth, but youth is because these are full of endless taste. Our youth began with a blank, and then slowly began to express the colorful watercolors Marlboro Red 100S Carton, and when I finished, I watched Dilierba��s "The Love of the Backlight". As the daughter of billionaire Jiang Jianguo, Jiang Li has a wonderful life that many people cannot have. However, the mistakes made in a youth made her pay for the "bad fruit" in her future life Marlboro Cigarettes Website. When I was young, I liked someone, always with a lot of enthusiasm, as if I took a look at it and began to think about the future Cheap Newports. I want to spend time with it. But if emotions can be controlled, how can I call it love? Even It is a wealthy family that still has to worry about feelings. The sins that have been committed for love will eventually be washed away with blood. Although the lover can let us feel the sunshine and feel the warmth Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, how can the love in the backlight be able to end? At that time, we will make ourselves scarred for the immature love, but wait until mature to see it again. I used to find that some insisted that love changed the taste and let love lose the color. Youth should be the swaying of the sun, not the attachment to hurt, hurting others, and hurting others. When we grow up in love, we should be the one we like. And some injuries, not forgoing, will not exist. Looking at the lost youth and making youth the rest of the most fascinating scenery in our memory, it is still very long. Don't deeply regret the deep engraving in our hearts. We always think that the change of youth will disappear with time. However, how can youth with a hot temperature be so easily taken away from our lives? Our youth is eternal life in our hearts, as long as the heart is still beating, youth The traces have been there. Youth is the fascinating and wonderful for us, and I always think that youth will not disappear. It just learns to hide. We need to discover and then give a new life to youth, let the youth write a heart-felt hymn, touch the heartstrings

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