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A song "Su Wu Shepherd", reminiscent of the cold snow in the borderland two thousand years ago, remembering the unyielding Su Wu. Snow wild, hurricane, but can not blow his patriotic hotspot; forced by force, heavy temptation, but can not dispel his hope "Han" ambition; hunger and cold, long torture, but can not ruin his red loyalty. For the whole 19 years, why can he drink snow and felt in the long night of the bleak land? Because he has a man in his heart, because he has a blood for the country to watch.g waves are sanding, those who are fame and fortune for their personal enjoyment have already been cast aside by people, and those who are watchers of the country have been lifted very high. Two reasons are particularly important.first is the heavy responsibility and responsibility. Su Wu concealed the snow, did not succumb to power oppression, did not greet the prosperity of wealth, because his heart always upholds responsibility and responsibility. In the same way, Fan Zhongyan��s sorrow and sorrow, the joy of the world, and the happiness of the world, stems from his responsibility and responsibility; Cao Zhi��s ��returning to the country��s difficulties and seeing death and death�� is due to his dedication. Responsibility and responsibility; Huo��s illness, "Hunger is not destroyed, why is the family", the home of the country, stems from his responsibility and responsibility...iang Qichao once said: "The person who knows the responsibility, the beginning of the husband is also the person who is responsible, the end of the husband." Countless people with lofty ideals take the responsibility of the country as their duty, and take the heart of the people as their heart. They are loyal to the country and the nation. The spirit of courage and nourishment nourishes the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. As a result, on the road of the revival of the Chinese nation, there have been thousands of years of science and technology work that has left the country Newport Cigarettes Price, left home, left home to the motherland, and always watched the "national weapon". The village cadres of Huang Dafa who led the villagers to fight in the harsh environment, the mountains and the canals, and the watchers on the side of the village, emerged from the villagers who watched the mother, ignored the homeland, worried about the fate of the country and the blood of the family. "Theond is that sacrifice and dedication. Throughout the ages, the watchmen of the country are brave enough to sacrifice and dedication. When the country was in trouble, Chen Tianhua, who was alert to his compatriots with his own blood, sacrificed his precious life. The patriot Huang Sumei, who was fighting for the "Nanjing Massacre Victims Memorial Day" in a foreign country, went through all the hardships and struggled. Personal enjoyment; for seven years in the army, but did not go home for a Spring Festival flag sentinel Zhang Zixuan, sacrificed dedication is a small family happiness Cigarettes Online. It is precisely because they consciously combine personal interests with the destiny of the country, and actively integrate family emotions and patriotism into one Cigarettes For Sale, from the enthusiasm of a small family to the revival of China, the Chinese nation can only prosper.that a nation with some people looking up at the stars will have hope. Similarly, if a country has more people who are loyal and watchful for national interests, the country has hope Carton Of Cigarettes. If you only care about your own selfishness, watch the flowers and wines Marlboro Red, and watch the power of beauty, then the country is in danger.

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