#1 I opened the window and von ylq 25.01.2019 03:50

I opened the window and thought about ventilation and fresh air. What comes in is a pungent smell. Looking out the window, the heavens and the earth are integrated into one and the same color.e recent pollution has become more and more serious." Dad frowned and said.se small factories are not even willing to install a sewage device," said the mother angrily.
ook the mask that my mother just bought, and I asked, "Dad, what is smog?" sighed. "A toxic gas, the first time I visited Jiangnan town."hecked the information on the Internet Marlboro Red 100S Pack Price Online, and the fog is different from the fog. There is a pungent gas in the smog that is very susceptible to infection in the respiratory tract. The yellow smoke in the air, the main component is sulfur dioxide. He emerged from the hateful chimney.ere is the green going?remember when I was young, I was with the boys and I often went to the wall of the ancient city wall to play. We catch the cockroaches, pull the grass roots, turn them over and turn around and see the big cockroaches. We climbed up and down on the wall and played a lot of fun. Tired to hide in the shade of the trees. Today's antique bricks replace the ancient city walls. On the bare steel cement, the grass is not born. We lost interest in climbing. Green is gone. is the green going? days ago, at the supermarket toll booth, I saw the adults without shopping bags. White garbage is scattered from the supermarket to various households.arth is my home, everyone loves her," said the elementary school teacher.ngxi is my home, everyone loves her." The park has a billboard.owing the music, the first thing to do is to do things first Marlboro Cigarettes Supply Store, to follow the heavens Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale, to take the five virtues, to be natural, and then to adjust the four times, too and everything." If we can pick up a piece of paper, then a little less Pollution. If we have a variety of trees, we can change the world a little green. If you can recycle a battery. You can change the fertile soil of the earth.te the killing of wild animals. I made up my mind not to eat wild animals, and I supervised everyone in the family and my friends who did not eat the state to protect animals Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, and made some contributions to the protection of wild animals from the ban. When I put it on, I made a guarantee with my father and mother that I didn��t buy, didn��t wear leather Marlboro Cigarettes In Bulk, leather shoes and gloves made of wild animal skin, and everyone was very good.nt to start from now, start from myself, and start from small things. Return the green to the earth.ts: The same piece of blue sky, the same fertile soil. We have learned to be environmentally friendly in the eyes and ears. Although the small authors are small things in life, it is precisely this countless small things that have created the Great Wall of the Environment. (Instructor: Zhang Chenglan)

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