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Parental love is the best in the world. People often say: "Father's love is like a mountain, mother's love is like water." Parental love is great, selfless, and cannot be described in words. Sometimes I don't understand the way parents do But in the end, I still understood the intention of my parents. I remember when I was in the third grade, there was a mid-term exam in mathematics. When I got home, I was afraid that my father and mother would tell me that I could not make a sound. After eating, I went back to the study room to write homework quickly. My mother walked into the study room and said calmly: "I heard that I had an exam today. How was the exam." My heart "banged" continuously, as if in my heart There are 100 kangaroos jumping up and down nonstop, I said nothing, my mother said, "I look at your scores, I wo n��t do well in the test next time and try harder next time! Scores do n��t mean anything, only you can be more careful Excellent. "I raised my head and looked at my mother with a pleading look. My mother reached out and touched my head. My heart calmed down slowly. Then I slowly opened the schoolbag and took out the paper and said to my mother: "Mom, I only scored 92 points Wholesale Cigarettes." My mother looked at the paper and frowned Marlboro Lights. "It's not a good test. The next time you get better, you have to work harder!" After taking the test paper, I looked at my anger, and my face was red. I shouted, "Why did you take the test so bad, and the test is too bad? You can't get more than 95 points later. You can learn a full score of 120 in the math test. "After that, my father dropped the paper on the ground. My mother said: "The child already knows that he didn't pass the exam. Don't talk about him anymore. He will work hard. Next time he will be as good as his brother. We believe in him." I cried aloud on the table. At the time, I didn't understand my father's approach. I have grown up now and am already a fifth grade student. I increasingly think that my parents were right mokingusacigarettes.com. It's just a different way of expression. My mother kept encouraging me to give me confidence, and my father kept warning me not to be too proud. I continue to improve in my father ��s love. My parents ��love is like two winds. I hold the boat of life and make it windless, let me keep moving forward, let me be in the power of love growing up.
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