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Lao Can Journey is a masterpiece of condemnation novels in the late Qing Dynasty. It was called one of the "Four Condemnation Novels in the Late Qing Dynasty" by Mr. Lu Xun. Ordinary novels expose the evils of corrupt officials, and "Lao Can Journey" is a novel that specifically exposes the evils of officials. The positive person who embodies the author's thoughts is Lao Can. He "was a bell" and walked the rivers and lakes in order to practice his medicine, to be indifferent, not to enter the government. However, he cares about the fate of the country and the nation, and sympathizes with the suffering of the people. Following Lao Can's footsteps, we can clearly see the face of social life in Shandong in the late Qing Dynasty. Among them, feudal officials stubbornly abused the people, arrogantly tortured the people, and created a living hell. The old stubbornly heard about the "achievements" of Cao Yuxian. However, in these policies, innocent people became victims of Yu Xian's torture. The governor of Shandong has been promoted. Lao Can was so angry that he decided to appeal to the people and planned to go to the provincial capital. Due to the freezing of the Yellow River on the road, he was stranded in Qihe County and met a friend to monitor Yu Shi Huang Renrui. After introduction and matching by Huang Renrui, Lao Can used several hundred and two silvers to rescue the prostitute Cuihuan from the fire pit and accepted it as a lao Can. From the mouth of Huang Renrui, it was learned that there was a county official named "Gangdeng" in Qihe County. People are just like Yuxian. They are just for their own use. They judge the case subjectively. There is a Qidong town in the northeast of Qihe County. There is a family, a man in his fifties, with two men and one woman. The eldest son died in his thirties and left his daughter-in-law Jia Wei's. The second son also became a family. Only the nineteen-year-old daughter has not yet married. After the death of the eldest son, the eldest wife often returns to her mother's family Marlboro Gold. On this day, Jia Wei's family returned to their mother's home, but Jia's family died suddenly for no reason mokingusacigarettes.com. Just now, the two of Wei's father and daughter were put into jail without asking, and the prisoner of Wei's family took the rescue for the master. Qianliang Yin went to the Qianmen court to intercede. He just set up a trap to accept Yin Liang as evidence, bribed the government, and used money to punish the father and daughter of the Wei family. The Jia Wei family could not bear his father's punishment and tortured him. Gang Gang is very proud and is ready to close the case. The innocent father and daughter of the Wei family are going to die tragically under Gang's hand. Lao Can quickly wrote to the governor of Shandong, asking the provincial capital Gaoming to come to the trial. As a result, Lao Can's letter saved two lives. He was extremely happy. However, Jiajia's death was unknown or suspected among three people, and Lao Can was determined to clarify the truth. His prescription medicine shop worshipped the priest, and he went through a few twists and turns to find out. It turned out that Wu Erlangzi, the lover of the old man's daughter, was killed with a kind of vanilla for thousands of days Carton Of Cigarettes. In fact, this is not a poison, but the living person eats like a dead person. These people can be resurrected if they find another herb within a thousand days. Lao Canrang's government house put Wu Erlangzi in jail, and then Opu personally went to Taishan to find the soul grass. Thirteen people in Jia's family came back to life. Since then, the Wei family has learned that the governor approved Wu Erlangzi's imprisonment for two years. "Stolen officials are hateful, everyone knows it. Official officials are particularly hateful, and many people do n��t know. Gaining stolen officials knows that they are sick, they dare not openly wrong, and they do n��t think they want to. What ��s wrong with money? Just use it for your own purposes, kill small people, and mislead your country. I see it personally, but I do n��t know how many people are. The "clean officials" written by Liu Ye are just some eager to be big officials without hesitation to kill people and use human blood. The executioner who dyed red tops. Yuxian supplemented Caozhou Prefectural Government with ��excellent talents and outstanding achievements.�� In less than one year acting as Caozhou Government, more than 2,000 people died at the twelve stations of Caomen. Ninety-fifths are good people. He was a cleansing official who was "clean and honest." He once refused huge bribes, but relying on no money and no bribes, he blindly speculated on the case and killed many good people. He severely tortured his confession and cast it into The appalling injustice. The so-called "clean officials" are unkind, and their hearts are like a snake. This is a great irony to the officialdom. Corrupt officials are hateful, and "clean officials" are even more hateful. How much more is really responsible to the people? Lao Can, a river Doctors, And so caring and sympathizing for the sufferings of the people, eating gluttonous, wealthy "clean officials", and corrupt officials, have you ever felt a bit of guilt? Money and power are things outside of you. They are not brought by life, they are not brought by death. If you lose yourself Me, what should i use to save
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