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Humming Xiaoqu, carrying a schoolbag, breathing freely and deeply on the way home. The smell of sunlight permeated the air. There are birds returning home from the air, the smell of wet earth, and the laughter of the child. The bird's bark rang from near to far, and a cheerful tone floated from above, and in the setting sun Cigarettes For Sale, he was actively looking for the direction of the home-at that time Carton Of Cigarettes, she was happily home, I laughed. This is cozy. I walked unhurriedly. A few men with gimmicks walked along, talking and laughing Newport Cigarettes Coupons. By the roadside, there was an ordinary family: women were busy making dinner, children were playing in the last hours of the day, and the old man was sitting in front of his house talking about common things. The sky is clear blue and clear, and the west is reddish by the sun, as if the opening air of the sunset is gradually fragrant. Faintly seeing the roof of the house, I quickened my pace, and from time to time I heard the owner barking, as if calling me, I rushed to the house. "I'm back!" I yelled, and the answer was mine. "Come back, are you hungry? I made your favorite dish, wash your hands and eat!" My mother said with a smile and hugged her mother. "Thank you, my mother, unknowingly, the sky has put on a black evening dress Several diamonds shone on the dress. The night dog no longer barked, it must have waited for the owner. I was doing a question at the table, and my mother brought a cup of warm water and touched my head. Although the surface was still focused on books, In fact, my thoughts are already flying. The comfort of life is in the dim countryside in the morning light, in the light of silhouettes, and in the whispers of loved ones. Life is so comfortable.
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