#1 Some good rules of thumb are von usasmokingsale 06.12.2019 07:43

Some good rules of thumb are: First if there is profit on the table and the underlying stock breaks down or crosses below its 7 day moving average, take the profit. It is very painful to watch a profitable trade lose value while you wait for it to reverse. Don't let that happen. However if market conditions have not changed and your technical analysis supports staying in the trade make sure you do not exit too early. Often the most outstanding profits are made by patient traders Wholesale Cigarettes Online. Second, always exit the trade if you are at a 50% loss. Chances are if you are in a trade that is losing 50% it will keep going that way. It is imperative you preserve your capital in order to trade again. Third, always exit a trade if there is 30 days or less before expiration. During the month before expiration time decay can rob you blind of the value of your option.

I trust this has given you some things to consider when deciding to exit your trades, stay tuned for next week's installment where we will discuss how to put together a complete trading plan.

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