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As I mentioned you must determine what suits you when it comes to deciding how much of a loss you can handle and how much of a profit you want to take Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is a direct reflection of your risk to reward ratio. For example, I often say "I never feel bad when taking a profit". I like to take profits when I see them and I generally have a fixed dollar figure or percentage in mind. Unless there is no good reason to exit the trade I will take my profits and if the trade keeps going in my direction after I have exited it doesn't bother me Cigarettes Online USA. Conversely I always have a fixed % loss I will accept Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. Some people would not be able to handle leaving money "on the table" so they may prefer to let their trades run, but then they may need larger stop losses as well. When trading options stop losses need to be much larger than when you trade stocks because options are so much more volatile. For example if you set a 10% stop loss it could easily get triggered during a normal intraday move. Bear in mind that there is not as much at risk when trading options as opposed to trading stocks. The capital investment is much smaller so a larger stop loss will not impact your account as much.

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