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Every time after a class, the blackboard was full of blackboard writings, one red, one white, and bright. Before, the teacher asked me to clean the blackboard. At the beginning I complained a lot about this work. I still had to wash the blackboard and pick up chalk heads. At that time, I finished washing the blackboard as usual, clearing the chalk head, and there was a lot of denseness in the blackboard slot. I picked it up and complained: "Why is this chalk so brittle, it breaks when I touch it, and I still have to pick it one by one. I ca n��t help but have no power at that time. It ��s my turn to wash the blackboard at noon. I scrubbed it carefully with a rag, and the blackboard finally appeared as it was. Take a closer look at it, there are faint words on the blackboard, and recognize it carefully. It was actually the blackboard in the mathematics class this morning that became clearer and could not be wrong. This is the blackboard in the mathematics class. There are obvious dents, and the writing has been carved in. Not only these, the previous class notes can be found on the blackboard. I am shocked that this little piece of chalk has such great power that it will The hard blackboard engraved a mark, and when I was surprised, there was more admiration. Another time, the blackboard newspaper in the class was updated Newport Cigarettes. I used the blackboard to erase the old words on it because it took a long time It's a bit difficult to erase, but when there is a piece, the blackboard is particularly difficult to erase. It looks like it grows on the top. After the erase, there are still a lot of residues Cheap Cigarettes, and there are deep marks. When marveling at the strength of writing, I suddenly found that The head teacher's message. The heart was suddenly full of emotions, one by one, he was neat and powerful, and even left immortal deep marks on the blackboard. The power of chalk was great, and it was the teacher who transmitted this power. They were using chalk. Writing your own knowledge on the blackboard embodies the eager expectations of teachers. It is not so much the power of chalk as the great power of a teacher's career Cigarettes For Sale. Look at the chalk, which is extremely sacred and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Deep into the hearts of every student.
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