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The good rain knows the season when spring is happening. "Although autumn rain is not as long and flashing as spring rain, and it does not come in time as spring rain, it is very sudden. But it is because of this sudden that Liu Yuxi's sentence came Famous poem: "Since ancient times mokingusacigarettes.com, every autumn has been sad and lonely. I say autumn is better than spring. "Occasionally, strolling on the street, suddenly Qiuyu masterpiece, suddenly realized: rain is strong and powerful." The situation is high wind, late, yellow mountains flying. "Autumn rain lightly swept the yellow leaves, and it fell. Then, the autumn rain suddenly changed, smashing into the yellow leaves like wild bombardment, splashing around the" rain flowers "around, and rotating 360 degrees, landing freely, forming a line. Magnificent scenery. The rain is desolate. "The cold rain and the river at night go into Wu, and Pingming sends off the solitary Chushan. "A little bit of autumn rain touched Wang Changling's heart. The friend was getting farther and farther, and his heart would surely be touched. Qiuyu Xiaoxiao, tied the lover's knot again. . "The chill, the shower, rejuvenate the amorous people. Liu Sanbian is also amorous. The sound of the rain like a cry, indeed, once again lifted his knot with the lover, but could not get together . The rain is tragic again. "Yanlang lying listening to the wind and rain, Tiema Binghe came to Chu. Lu Fangweng's life is about the country, and he never forgets when the motherland will regain the mountains. Outside Qiuyu, in the house, on the cold bed, Lu You turns left and thinks, and can't help entering dreamland. In the dream, he wants to really show his ambitions It is a country. It is possible to dream, the rain is shocked again, the reality is cruel Cheap Cigarettes. The rain is still leisurely. "Away from seven or eight stars, two or three points before the rain. Xin Qiji, who has always been heroic, is very leisurely today. It seems that the failure of the assault has slightly diminished him. But in it, the autumn rain like a blade renewed his spirit. Standing in the rain, it seemed to my eyes already It is full of the fruits of the autumn harvest Newport 100S, and the romantic flowers of spring are full of vitality.
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