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Mom Lai Pi, said that this weekend I took me to the bookstore to buy the comic book. I only remembered that my mother promised me to buy a book, but forgot that I promised my mother must finish the homework within the specified time. I will only blame others for not keeping promises, but forget to ask for the things they promised and do their best. People's life is very long, and the unconserved agreement can be realized again. However, some agreements can no longer be saved once they lose their trust. I have a kind grandfather Cheap Cigarettes. He lives in a different city with me, although we don��t spend a lot of time together. However, our feelings are very good. He always buys a lot of delicious, fun, trustees and brings them back. Grandpa has a bad heart and can't fly Marlboro Gold, so he always yells at me on the phone: "Small rain, when is the holiday? Come over and let Grandpa look at the heights. No grandfather finally got the Disney limited edition cartoon checkers. When he told me on the phone, I was particularly excited and kept saying to my grandfather: "Really? is that true? Grandpa, I will go see you during the summer vacation. We both play checkers together, ok? Grandpa was happy to say: "Well, when the summer vacation arrives, I received an invitation from Shenzhen Shanwei." Shan Hao wants to go abroad. I don��t want to see her in the future. It��s not easy, let alone I can go to the Window of the World and Happy Valley to have a good time. After seeing Grandpa��s chances, I��m not worried about these two days, so I I promised Shan Yu. My grandfather had to lose this letter. I went to see him again during the winter vacation. At that time, I knew that my grandfather would be very disappointed in my heart, but I never thought that I had just entered the winter, and my grandfather died of a heart attack. It was a box of unopened checkers. I held it in front of Grandpa's tomb. My grandfather's kind and sly smile came to my eyes Marlboro Red. The happy time I spent with my grandfather seemed to be yesterday. But now, the grandfather who loves me likes to leave me forever. I didn��t even see him on the last side. Even a checker didn��t have time to accompany him... I watched the checkers in my hands, I couldn��t help but burst into tears. I knew that it was like this. I wouldn��t lose my faith to my grandfather. When Shannon came out of Congress and came back, the window of the world could go again next year. Then my simple agreement with my grandfather can be realized. I am dull now. I understand that Grandpa hopes that I will not have the courage to pray for Grandpa��s forgiveness in the last time. However, from today on, I must be an honest and trustworthy person. Grandfather Lu Xun said that ��the trustworthy person is the happiest��, I believe in my Grandpa also wants me to be such a person, one of the happiest
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