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I don't understand, but I know that his heart is helpless. He really treats me as a friend, but I am always naughty and let him not understand, can't guess. I cried, he would blame myself, I laughed, and he would ask me what happened. I know that he really made me very tired, but the problem is that we have to know that you will self-immolate after playing! Therefore, he should bear my indifference. This is his message, it is really long, it hurts my neck. A lot of times when I read his message, I will be moved to cry. This time, too, I am very numb. I can��t do it, it��s never been done, but I��m not in a hurry, I��m not nervous, but I can��t cry in my heart. This is a test of the province's unified examination. Do you know that I am a contradiction, numb, but I don't know what I am thinking. My eyes are looking at my sweaty fingers in the mist, the cold, cold tears. Still flowing, my painful smile, my lonely thoughts, my strange silence, I am really tired of laughing Marlboro Lights. Many times I feel like I am a fallen autumn leaf, but when it should not fall, it has fallen. Then I was dragged by the wind without any refuge, and danced exhaustly on the edge of the wind. I can't suppress my heart, but I still show myself the perfect side on the edge of the wind, hiding my other side Online Cigarettes, the injured side, and reluctantly protecting it. Yes, a friend can't stay with you for a lifetime, but can you live a life with someone who doesn't love you? Is it for a lifetime that you can lose this? I don��t think differently from you mokingusacigarettes.com. Real friends are no worse than those who can live a lifetime. Yes, I am your friend, it is impossible to accompany you for a lifetime. lifetime? Long? Now, do you know this reality? Sometimes I will be in a daze and don��t know what to write with you, but I just don��t want to go. I would rather face this gray avatar, but I can also be dazed, that is, I don��t want to go through the words. Endless words
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