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The streets are wind and rain, they are forgotten in the corner. Looking at the road everywhere, but I don't know how to walk, the old hand caressed the trembling body, the temperature can stay? I am used to bowing, getting used to humility, getting used to obedience, and getting used to gratitude. They follow the trail, and the vulgar eyes look at pity, but in fact they are noble springs. They wandered in the bustling city, concealed in the noble crowd, and gave each of the pedestrians the most sincere blessings from the bottom of their hearts, giving them the most simple worship, they all have the traces of struggle, and they are eager to stand upright. However, the rope of destiny naturally binds them to abandonment and rejection. Even so, no one gives up the power to live. For every acquisition, they know how to know, and they all know how to cherish. Their hearts are still the closest to the food, the closest to the warmth, the closest to standing, and the closest to life. Language is superfluous, they look at the world silently, watching the world's black and white, good and evil. Their indifference to each walk was reported to be close and peaceful. two. Plastic bag
From the moment they detached from the mother, when they were divided into individuals by machine, they made an oath and they began to look for a return. People gave them a lot of colors to look at. Plastic bags are also known for their knowledge, and they bear the gravity that people don't want to bear, even the bones. They are complete and convenient, complete and easy, complete security, complete all the weight and all the dirty, adult, child's sin and redemption Newport 100S, this can not escape the pain and salvation. People always have to achieve their goals, so don't imagine that they will experience your tiredness and let you bear it again and again Online Cigarettes. Until you are dilapidated, you can't safely retire. When they are scattered all over the place, people will scream, this is rubbish, this is pollution, this is the most annoying invention in the world. When they are hung on the tree and tear their own pain in the wind, some people will know that they also know how to cry! a wall. A long-lasting wall, lying silently in the years, nothing to do. The wall divides the place, there are a lot of people here, and the happiness of the home is surrounded. People are safe and the walls are safe. The times say that to develop, the wall must not stay. Therefore, it is imperative to dismantle it. People have been crying and crying, and they are reluctant to leave, and they are reluctant to live in this place. Looking at the excavators in front of their eyes, they looked at them with care, remembering the look of this last home. All the houses have fallen. The courtyard, bedroom and kitchen have disappeared. Only leaving this wall, holding the earth in the dust, quiet. It is said that they tried to pull it down, but they gave up the foundation and they gave up. Now, this wall is still squatting with the scaffolding that is getting higher and higher Wholesale Cigarettes, facing the setting sun, and stubbornly standing tall. Postscript may be something that people don't care about, maybe someone will be guilty. One thing that needs to be explained is that I wrote these words, not just watching pictures.
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